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Brett Scott
Exploring strategies of financial activism, hybrid finance innovation, and gonzo economic anthropology
Exploring strategies of financial activism, hybrid finance innovation, and gonzo economic anthropology


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Much soul, very emotion: Why I buy into the cult of Dogecoin
Please note: This piece was originally commissioned by the magazine  MCD , and will be appearing in French in their December edition. I use Dogecoin because
I’m emotionally drawn to the dog. Unlike the distant, fossil-like Queen on the
Pound banknote, the S...

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So you want to be a DIY gonzo financial activist? The Heretic's Guide has arrived!
My new book, The Heretic's Guide to Global Finance: Hacking the Future of Money,  is now officially out, published by the superb Pluto Press. Boom! I've set up a  dedicated page for it here , and a Facebook page for it here . 3 THINGS YOU WILL LEARN FROM TH...

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How to explain Bitcoin to your grandmother
"WHO WANTS TO EXPLAIN BITCOIN TO GRANNY?" As anyone who doesn't have a degree in advanced computer science knows, Bitcoin is conceptually tricky. Thus, when your grandmother is wanting to buy marijuana off the  Silk Road  and begins asking you to explain Bi...

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Watchdog Capital: Setting a hedge fund bloodhound on the trail of financial crime
The ease with which the Libor scandal has brought down the towering figure of Bob Diamond, master of the universe and investment banker extraordinaire, is truly momentous. It reveals how small cracks in corporate structures can turn into gaping chasms that ...

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The Block-Chain of infinite mystery: What the hell is Bitcoin?
[Note: for my more recent article about bitcoin, see How to Explain Bitcoin to your Granny ] By now many people will have
heard about Bitcoin. That’s the global, decentralised, online crypto-currency
(check out this Wired
Magazine article for some backgroun...

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Of Toast & the Precautionary Principle: Commodity speculation revisited
Globalisation can lead to surreal situations. For example, several weeks ago I got a call from a Kenyan guy called Karim Ajania , who's based in San Francisco, and who runs a website for a Mozambican forestry project called Mezimbite. You'd think the websit...

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Glencore in the DRC: Building a case for shareholder activism
Over the last year I've become somewhat intrigued by Glencore and other physical commodity traders. Part of that interest comes from my work on commodity speculation , and the fact that much of the analysis around that issue has focused on investment banks ...

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The Activist Hedge Fund
TRADERS (photo: Harri Homi) Note: This essay was commissioned in 2015 by VICE USA, who then neglected to publish it. Apologies to everyone who took the time to give me quotes Hedge fund traders are financial
mercenaries. Like all mercenaries, they are hired...

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