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Lilach Bullock
Speaker, Lead Conversion Expert, Social Media Specialist & Occasional Diva
Speaker, Lead Conversion Expert, Social Media Specialist & Occasional Diva

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I’ve been thinking about the phrase “Content is king”.
What sort of a king is your content? In other words, how effective are the articles, blogs and social media updates you post?
A good king or queen doesn’t hold power just for the sake of it – they do so to improve the lives of their people. To have a positive impact. To make a difference.
Does your content make a difference to the lives of anyone who reads it? Does it positively affect them? Or, like a bad king, are you simply going through the motions when you’re publishing new content, putting it out there simply so you’ve got something to show your subjects?
My point is this: if your content’s poor, you’re not doing anyone any favours. Not your audience, whose time you’re wasting, and not your business, whose brand you’re diluting.
If you’re going to publish content, it has to be strong. If you’re going to leave an impression, it has to be a positive one. That’s what separates the good brands from the bad, or rather the good kings from the incompetent ones.
If you’re failing to get the sort of engagement, shares and traffic you’re hoping for, perhaps it’s time you abdicated responsibility for your content.
To better connect with your audience, talk to me about my content creation service. I’ll craft it, you publish it and your subjects (okay, customers) will lap it up. If content is king, make sure yours goes down in history for being great.

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Are you thinking of starting a business? Or growing your existing one? If you’ve got the idea, the plan and the drive to succeed, then you’re well on your way to success - you just need the funding to make your ideas a reality. In my guide, I go through all the best ways and options of funding your startup business: crowdfunding, grants and loans, ways to raise the money yourself, and much more -

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Join me today, at 5pm BST, where I’ll be discussing my favourite social media marketing tools to help you become a more successful and productive marketer. Search for the #VCbuzz hashtag to join - and get more information here:

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If you work with a team, then you probably face a lot of challenges on a daily basis: miscommunication, not knowing who’s doing what, losing time, and so on. In my blog post, I list the 10 best collaboration tools for teams: task managers for teams, communication & collaboration tools, project management tools, and more

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Businesses of all shapes and sizes benefit from using automation; but, what should you be looking for when choosing your automation software as a small business? In my guest post for +Jumplead Marketing Software, I provide all my top tips for choosing the best possible solution for your business

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When was the last time you went WOW?

When was the last time you read something that caused you to hold your breath, stop multi-tasking and give it your full attention?

Let’s face it, content that grabs you by the eyeballs and compels you to read on is a rare occurrence these days. We’re all too easily distracted and there’s simply not enough good content out there.

Take your own website for example. Ask yourself (and I want you to be honest here), if this was another company’s site, what would you think of it? Would you make it to the end of each page and blog post, or would you switch off long before?

If your content doesn’t have the wow factor, it doesn’t matter how many keywords it contains or how nicely formatted it is. The search engines might crawl it but no one’s gonna read it. And if you can’t engage your readers, how can you expect to convert them into prospects?

Sounds like you could use a content makeover. A few slick sentences here; a clever turn of phrase there; a compelling CTA to wrap things up and whaddya know – you’ve got yourself a website that converts visitors in their droves.

You’re not going to believe this, but I might have just the solution.

You read this post to the end, didn’t you? Now it’s time we did the same to every page on your website. Get in touch and let’s see what we can do to give your content that elusive wow factor.


PS: You know what’s even more effective than trying to fix your own sales pages? Calling in an expert who knows how to send your conversion rates soaring. To unlock your site’s potential, schedule a free planning session with me and let’s send those conversions skyward.

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Need some help improving your content marketing results and saving time? In my ultimate list of content marketing tools, I list all my favourite content marketing tools: tools for writing better content and headlines, for getting ideas, for productivity, for planning and strategising and for measuring your results - check them out here:

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What was the first business to use content marketing to promote themselves?
Who made it popular? How did it get to the point where it is today?
In my latest infographic, made in partnership with Venngage, I take a look at the history and evolution of content marketing - from the first brand magazine, to G.I Joe and soap operas and to the state of content marketing today, everything is covered - check out its history here What's next?

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How can you generate more leads with your forms? Are you asking for too much, or not enough? How good is your CTA? Find out how to make the most of your lead gen forms, so that you can generate more leads and grow your business: in my guest post for +Jumplead Marketing Software, I share all I’ve learned about creating the perfect lead generation form
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