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Husband, Father, Sysadmin, Tinkerer, Ham
Husband, Father, Sysadmin, Tinkerer, Ham

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Rain shifted to earlier in the day, so no motorcycle yet again. And every RHEL6 machine that updated itself between 3-4am today seems to be hung during the process, due to something running in Puppet so I can't even use Puppet to fix it. Guess I have some logins to do (and to fix the Puppet manifest to be more tolerant of this kind of thing for next time).

Listening to Apple Music's "Classic Rock" channel, and I hear the sound of a radio being tuned in my right ear. And then a couple voices talking.. and before the music started I already knew to expect "Pink Floyd - Wish You Were Here". 

Woke up to the alarm and snoozed it once as usual. When it went off a second time and I went to kick off the covers, I instead got a nasty charlie horse in my left leg and can barely move it now. So much for driving to work today, I thought, I'll work from home where I can keep my leg in a somewhat comfortable position. Then I went downstairs and saw that enough rainwater came in to fill the sump and start to overflow it, and there's a chance of rain today and more storms on Friday. Alright, so maybe instead of sitting comfortably I'll stand awkwardly and help Stephanie with replacing the pump that failed...

11 contacts tonight, including one SSB on 80m because one of the guys in #RedditNet wanted to see if he could be heard. We tried everything but 160 (he claimed his antenna wouldn't tune on it, and the one other person who tried forgot that transmitting there knocks out his Internet connection).

Ending the day with 12 contacts; not as good as I'd hoped, but since I felt very "meh" all day and slept in late to boot, I guess it's better than nothing. Hell, some entire years I made less contacts than that, so I shouldn't complain.

With being up before 6am yesterday (I'd planned on going out but ended up not), I concluded the day with 28 contacts. Not bad for someone who went over 10 years to get their first 1000. Slept in today, and at 6 contacts now (a little after 3pm local). Since there's a couple other things planned for the evening and I'll be going to bed earlier I don't know that I'll meet or exceed yesterday's number. But man, when LoTW updates to allow for uploading FT8 contacts natively, my QSO count is going to jump significantly.

Now that the storm passed, working some more FT8 stations tonight... and still need to find some time to copy some CW as well, and hopefully work on my receive speed.

Had a good run on the radio until there was a lightning strike close enough to induce a reset of the USB devices on my computer, causing the TNC to disconnect and one of the old IOS devices plugged into a dock to act like it just got reseated. Quickly shut down the rigs and unplugged the antennas, and am watching the waterfall on the window now. Guess I could turn the radio back on and use it as a practice oscillator to work on CW sending, but I should probably work on receiving a bit more anyway since I can (with some cringing) send fairly well.

Caught a little bit of the ARRL CW practice transmissions last night before bed. While I did have fldigi decoding as well, I found there were a lot of things I was able to copy, especially in the 10-15WPM range (though 15 was fast enough that I found myself getting every other letter, or 1-2 letters and then getting tripped up until the next word). Even better, I started recognizing full words like "and" and "the" rather than the component letters. All in time... but now I'm thinking some actual text recordings would be a better idea than just individual letters or random groups. All in time...

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