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Husband, Father, Sysadmin, Tinkerer, Ham


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Yay, the reinstall timing for the server I'm migrating is down around 19 minutes, so should be easily doable in a short outage window. Boo, I don't know why it failed the time previous to now, so I don't know if it'll do that again. At least I've got another week to find out.

Today is my Friday. Changed into sweatpants, poured a bourbon, and fired up the radio. Of course I have to get to bed early because I have to be in Lancaster PA at 9am, but...

I think I came up with a good idea for a gift for my son's birthday; only problem is, nobody sells one. I want a hat with a Raspberry Pi logo on it, but just try searching for "raspberry pi hat" and you'll find lots of daughter cards :P

Fortunately I have a wife with a knack for sewing things, and know a place where I can get an embroidered patch that could be sewn on.

Set up a github account, forked a code base, rebased my changes from my home computer I'd already done, pushed that up to github, figured out how to do a pull request, and did. Nothing too fancy, just some typos fixed, but it's a start at the idea of helping to fix things. And while I was in the process of typing this, I already got the email saying "merged".. so my changes are already in the code now.

I still don't like git though. Took way too long to figure out half of what I knew how to do in Mercurial already (and found 14 ways to do it, because git users can't seem to agree on anything).

Spent some time in the MUD with the munchkin this evening. He's got a pretty strong grasp of the concepts for an almost-10-year-old. And I love that he loves many of the same kinds of games I enjoyed when I was younger too.

Alright let's do this... LEEEEROOOYYYYYY... mm, donuts.

After everything else went to crap last night, I even fired up the radio to maybe make some contacts which I haven't done in a while. By the time I got the software updated and setup, it was time for dinner. Figures. Here's hoping today is a better day, even though I already know I have at least two meetings lined up.

Run to me whenever you're lonely, run to me if you need a shoulder. Now and then you'll need someone older, so darling you run to me.

I actually have zero meetings scheduled today. And only one thing I need to do which isn't directly related to my job (relates to a side project I was asked to help with, just need to finalize a report for it). So I might get quite a bit of forward motion on my list of projects for once this week. Yay!
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