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So, we are currently borrowing and watching our way through the Alien quadrilogy. I had seen the first two before, but this has been my first time on the third and fourth. Alien cubed was definitely a step down from the second, but Resurrection? I suppose it can be entirely summed up with, "What is this... I don't even..."
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Seems like an entirely appropriate response.
Silliest. Alien. Ever. And worst alien death ever. And something that had previously lain eggs does not spontaneously grow a womb. And how did they get genetic material from someone who incinerated themselves in hot lead? And; and; and.... what a mess.
I'm sorry I had to do this to you. You had to understand.
You had me at bill paxton. you complete me. ;-)
I kinda like the third one Charles S Dutton is the man!
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