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Learning from Millennials About Authentic Wellness and Beauty

From integrative wellness studios to sound baths to silent spas and natural beauty, avocado oil, black garlic and sober socializing, millennials are driving wellness-oriented spas and centers to new heights in 2017.

PHYTO5 skincare and therapies offer a decidedly vibrational approach to skincare and wellness unmatched in the entire beauty industry. Working at the level, not just of matter but energy, true holistic natural beauty is achieved on subtle levels which radiate outward into the skin.

Are you in position to address the very organic, discriminating demands and progressive intelligent lifestyle choices of today's millennials?

Those lifestyle choices are what PHYTO5 is all about and PHYTO5 professionals all over the country are gratified by the success they achieve in addressing the more creative real-time lifestyle choices and concerns of millennials.

Carlyn Weiler of Weiler Academy, Smart Health for Body, Mind and Soul, in Green Bay, Wisconsin says, "Here in the U.S., facials tend to be more about rubbing products on the skin. When I came back to the states after being treated to and learning about European style facials and body treatments, I was very relieved to find PHYTO5 that is truly holistic and wellness targeted and so superior to any other skincare system I've seen or experienced."

2017 Global Spa and Wellness Trends Established by the 10th Anniversary Global Wellness Summit, Kitzbuhel, Austria
"Wellness on the Rise: According to the latest figures from the Global Wellness Institute, the Global Wellness Economy has grown by 10.6% since 2013 to $3.7 trillion, far outpacing global GDP... The global spa market grew from $94 billion in 2013 to $99 billion in 2015 with 16,000 new spas and over 230,000 new employees." –

Many of PHYTO5's professional clients have been clients since PHYTO5's inception–a testament to PHYTO5 skincare's, technologies' and protocols' remarkable results. These skincare and chroma-technologies are at once time honored and on trend–an unusual characteristic in the beauty industry. The combination of our energetic skincare and proprietary award-winning vibrational light technologies elevates the wellness effects of facial and body treatments to levels that reach far beyond the typical spa treatment. It's safe to say that PHYTO5 embodies all that wellness truly means.

Today's Millennials Will Most Likely Choose Experience Over Material Items and They Value Authenticity
One of the first things you'll hear about millennials is that they "love and value authenticity, but what does that mean? Authenticity is a broad concept with a definition that's hard to put a finger on; authenticity comes from knowing your customers, their needs, and how to have that communicated," this according to Rakuten Marketing.

So Take a Good Look at PHYTO5
Millennials are propelling the wellness lifestyle forward full steam ahead and PHYTO5 skincare can stand up to the wise skepticism of this important group of discerning individuals. What's more, PHYTO5 offers much more than a product. It offers an experience from the moment the cap or jar is removed from the product container.

Can your spa or does your chosen line of skincare authentically deliver what these highly discriminating consumers are demanding?

Take a good look at PHYTO5 which is the embodiment of what Generation Y and all discriminating wellness and beauty product consumers avidly seek: authenticity • clean • vibrational • plant-based vegan • wellness generated on the cellular level

Pictured below, Inkaterra Canopy Treehouse, Peru


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Clean Beauty Is a Top 30 Wellness Trend in 2017

"Everyone's ditching their makeup for the natural look!” says As a case in point, the Instagram hashtag #nomakeup parades more than 12 million fresh-faced photos.

The trend to purely natural means millennials and older generations are looking for ways to make their skin shine with a natural glow.

How can such a glow be authentically achieved? With the vibration of light and high-grade natural ingredients which is what PHYTO5 skincare is all about and has been since 1979.

PHYTO5 skincare and therapies deliver skin so radiant, makeup may truly not even be necessary. They’re the kind of treatments that get people saying, “There’s something about you.”

The popular website says a surging trend is that "beauty counters are getting cleaner. Consumers are reading their labels and seeing skincare as an extension of their health.”

The foundation of PHYTO5 skincare is a comprehensive approach to wellness and beauty that incorporates two significant factors in its formulations: 1) high vibrational top-grade essential oils, and 2) the Chinese medicine philosophy of living in harmony with the seasons and each of the five elements corresponding to each season. This method results in truly balanced skin and body, and as a concept distinct in the beauty industry, it has proven to deliver very viable solutions to skin conditions clients have not been able to remedy.

PHYTO5 has always known that skincare is an extension of health and it’s why PHYTO5 has already fully lived by its motto for several decades and not just in 2017: “Beauty is Health Made Visible.” Agrees on Clean Beauty and Adds Self-Love/Self-Care as Top 2017 Wellness Trends

"I think that in the not-so-distant future, a lot of us will look back and be shocked that toxic beauty products were so mainstream. With heavy attention on making our beauty routines safer, I think clean beauty will own 2017…” says Geri H., blog author.

PHYTO5 authentically Swiss-made energetic skincare delivers products that are all natural vegan, plant-based ingredients including essential oils, plant extracts, minerals, vitamins, pristine Swiss mountain water and natural proprietary components. The manufacturing process focuses on creating products that are cruelty-free, earth-friendly, gluten-free, and vegan.

“[Self-love is] only going to become more mainstream. I wouldn’t even be surprised if companies start allowing ‘self-care days’ on top of sick days. 2017 will be all about leaving the busyness of life behind and turning our attention to ourselves." – Geri H., author of the successful blog,

Actually, when you stop and think about it, even your choice of skincare line is an act of self-care, but careful discrimination goes beyond reading label ingredients. It should include knowledge of the manner of formulation and the synergistic effect achieved from that formulation. To ensure your natural clean beauty, be sure you look into your current skincare's manufacturing practices. Inquire at the company's website for more information and if it isn't forthcoming or you don't enjoy reading the details you receive, strongly consider making a switch.

Check out the PHYTO5 website for more info. on manufacturing practices. PHYTO5's seasonal energetic skincare lines and chroma-technologies are a "natural beauty match-made-in-heaven" for millennials.

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Wei Chi and the Vortices of Energy

We learned in school that matter is tangible, visible, solid, and real. There is ample empirical evidence to support this fact. Hardly anyone would dispute this.

We were also told that matter is made of molecules which are made of atoms composed of smaller particles such as neutrons, protons, and electrons, all assumed to be physical. And yet, we learn from quantum physics that all this is wrong although the public at large has not yet adjusted to that thinking. What we think of matter is, in reality, made of nothing material, tangible, or visible.

The quantum reality is that atoms are made of vortices of energy spinning and vibrating in their own particular way. Each one has a vibrating pattern that is unique, providing its own particular energetic signature. Atoms have no physical structure, therefore, physical things have no physical parts.

Another thing we learned from the discoveries of quantum physics and quantum mechanics is that we create our own reality. Indeed, the observer of a quantum experiment will affect its outcome by the simple fact of observing. It has led quantum scientists to the conclusion that our world, from our individual experience to our collective one, is a mental construction. The planet and the entire universe are the outcome of the collective consciousness of humanity.

In 2015, the Dalai Lama was participating at an international quantum physics conference in India and stated, "I hope conferences such as this one address two purposes: extending our knowledge and improving our view of reality so we can better tackle our disturbing emotions.”

It is significant to see an enlightened spiritual leader embracing the discoveries of science and feeling comfortable that no discovery, as earth-shattering as it might appear, is endangering the fundamental truth of spirituality.

The other significant element of the Dalai Lama’s statement is that we must be about “improving our view of reality so we can better tackle our disturbing emotions.”

In this statement we highlight three important thoughts:

We must “improve our view of reality,” implying that our current view is not nearly as right as taken for granted. Our belief in “Terra Firma” as a bedrock of our knowledge of what is right, real, and true, is actually on a shaky foundation.

Our “disturbing emotions” (what we oftenrefer to as “negative emotions”) have a causal effect on our view and experience of our reality.

It is imperative that we “better tackle our negative emotions,” namely, developing our emotional intelligence as a way to achieve a greater degree of mastery over our (negative) emotions.

With these conclusions, we are brought full circle to our starting premise based on the following principles:

🔴 “The physical body is actually a complex of interwoven energy fields.” –Richard Gerber, M.D.

🔴 PHYTO5’s philosophy and motto: “Beauty is health made visible.”

The teachings of traditional Chinese medicine concerning how to increase Wei Chi, the energy of our immune system:

Our best way to enhance our source of Wei Chi is in cultivating emotionally rewarding human relationships. Such relationships, however, can’t happen without first developing a proper self-appreciation free of negativity.

The best way we can contain or mitigate the natural enemies of Wei Chi is by gaining mastery over our emotions so that we may avoid the destructive aspect of negative emotions.

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The ABCs of Energetic Summer and the Fire Element

The Summer energetic season according to traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) began May 6 and ends July 19.

Fire’s season is Summer, the time of the sun, heat, growth, expansion, warmth, increased light, and abundance.

Fire is the most yang of the five elements yet may also express as yin for all things are both yin and yang in balance in Taosim. Taoist astrology refers to yang Fire energy with the color red and to yin with purple.

Emotions can be either in or out of balance depending on whether the energy we are in is in or out of balance. Personality traits can be positive or negative.

Fire personality traits and emotions may include:

love, both interpersonal and divine
joie de vivre, joyfulness
generosity of spirit
a compulsion to call attention to themselves

Symptoms of Fire imbalance can show up physically and emotionally as:

excessive or lack of perspiration
rashes, hives, hot skin eruptions
sleep disturbances, insomnia
palpitations, irregular heartbeat
restless or explosive energy
inappropriate laughter
disaapointment as the logical outcome of an out-of-balance and immature approach to relationships

A Fire type tends to find success in life through his or her predisposition to be warm-hearted and generous. They find experiences of love, compassion, fun, joy, and pleasure very healing yet they may find sharing joy and laughter without the goal of a reward in mind challenging.

Like hot molten lava, Fire can be unpredictable and changeable, chaotic and challenging to contain. It’s active, combustible, energetic, animated, and powerful.

In TCM, Fire’s body organs are the heart and small intestines. Therefore a fire personality may have a disposition for heart problems, such as heart attacks or may experience minor digestive problems in the small intestines.

Fire types are lovers and protectors of the heart. They tend to be driven to find love and intimacy sometimes at the expense of other important arenas of their lives. They can also be thrown off stable emotional course when experiencing traumatic events.

Other attributes of the Fire element include these:

Color: red
Tastes: bitter
Direction: South
Voice quality: laughter
Smell: scorched
Symptoms of imbalance with Fire include:
Expectation: true love
Stress response: loss of joy
Emotional perception: hurt

For tips and tools on holistic Summer living, be sure to check out our former blog posts on the Summer energetic season at the PHYTO5 website.



Moss, M.D., Charles A. Power of the Five Elements: The Chinese Medicine Path to Healthy Aging and Stress Resistance. Berkeley: North Atlantic, 2010. Print.

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The rocks remain.

The Earth remains.

I die and put my bones in the cave or the Earth.

Soon, my bones will become the Earth.

Then will my spirit return to my land, my Mother.

–Gagudju Aboriginal People of Australia

Earth is like an incubation chamber.

Earth is where we live and move and have our being. It’s where we are born, grow, experience, make mistakes, learn from our mistakes, create, and ultimately and hopefully, come face to face with love and joy.

Living on planet Earth isn’t always easy, but this ground we walk on, this living entity we call our home, is filled with every resource and life-giving support we could ask for.

Earth, like a mother, is a vehicle for life yet she also sustains and supports as on our journeys through life.

Like human mothers, Mother Earth, feeds us corporeally. She abundantly produces all the high spectrum nourishment we could possibly need to live well, just as mother sustains the embryo and then fetus in the womb.

Mother Earth keeps us warm, offering crops, flora and elements from which to make clothing and shelter. She provides fire and radiates to us the heat she absorbs daily from the sun.

Similar to the amniotic fluid of a mother’s womb, Mother Earth gives us water, minerals and salts to sustain life. These salts mixed with fresh water can serve to flush and detoxify our bodies helping to keep us healthy and vibrant.

In ancient Greek mythology the philosophers and poets wrote about Gaia, also known as the Earth Goddess, and they recognized the enormous vital importance of thalassa, the sea, and the source of all life in their writings.

Mother Earth lays before us all of nature as one giant chamber of serenity into which we can retreat for solitude and quiet in the same way the babe inside the mother’s womb lives in buoyant quietude. When we feel one with nature, we feel safe and protected just as mother and child are one and the soon to be born infant feels safe and protected.

The Earth Mother shares her unseen vital energy and vibratory frequency with us for our sustenance and healing. It is impregnated into every flower, plant and sentient being on the planet. There is nothing on planet earth that is not imbued with this energy and vibration. Even the inanimate rock is made of atoms alive with revolving electrons and vibration. And the human mother does the same. Throughout the time of pregnancy, she freely and joyfully surrounds her unborn child with her vital energy and vibratory frequency.

And ultimately, Mother Earth is giver of love. We can feel this love if we pause and tune in, if we walk more slowly barefoot on the ground or stop to truly feel the breeze blow across our faces. Love is the essence of all life and synonymous with Mother. And similarly, without the human mother even breathing a word to her child inside the womb, the tiny fetus knows it is loved by its mother.

A mother is magnanimous, and when we stop and think about it, the Earth is magnanimous too. She never abandons us. Even when subjected to violence and abuse, Mother Earth continues to revolve, give and sustain life while she explores ways to renew herself and waits for all of us children to assist her merely by respecting her sacred existence. In devotion, human mothers love their children even when they’ve done things we might think would warrant abandonment.

Indigenous people around the world still live according to codes that honor and respect the Earth Mother and its laws, the foundation of which affirms that the source of all life is the earth and mother of all creation. They consciously choose to live in harmony with flora and fauna, the stars, the climate and Earth’s sacred geography.

Indigenous peoples easily know what it takes many of us more effort to know. They know that the Earth Mother is the core of the Universe and our culture and the source of our identity as a race.

During this period between energetic seasons, the time of the Earth element and the days approaching Mother’s Day, why not intend to expand our view and understanding of the season and be very thoughtful in our giving to both the mothers we know and love and our Earth Mother as well?



Kemf, Elizabeth, and Edmund Hillary. Indigenous Peoples and Protected Areas: The Law of Mother Earth. London: Earthscan, 1993. Print.

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For thousands of years, mystics have known and advocated it and for several recent decades, so have quantum physicists: “ALL IS ONE!”

Of course, the truth, ALL IS ONE, fundamental to religions and to science, has been expressed in different words, but the core idea is the same. And this is becoming clear to an increasing number of people regardless of their religion or degree of scientific education. Still, this core idea is held as truth by a minority of people. This is evident given the degree and spread of violence around the world and the many forms of man’s inhumanity to man. Peace in the world will occur only when enough people understand that hurting anyone else is actually hurting oneself and that hurting the environment is destructive to ourselves!

The extent to which we feel connected to or separated from whatever we perceive to be necessary to make us whole, happy and fulfilled, creates the root of all our emotions which, in turn, becomes the driving force in our lives.

If the absolute truth is that ALL IS ONE, the evidence of our physical senses, supported by our mental interpretation of our human situation, points exactly to the opposite. We appear totally separated from each other’s, and in most instances, from what we desire, be it relationships, material possessions, or conditions.

From the moment of birth, the baby separated from its mother longs to be reconnected physically and emotionally. This is deeply embedded in all of us. It takes different forms as we grow older but it stays with us. The need to connect with others and to feel like we belong is very much a part of the human experience. For some, the most expedient and available solution might be to belong to a street gang. But for most, there are a number of connections we feel driven to make, such as with a spouse or partner, a family, a sports or social club, a church or other place of group worship or philosophy, a professional association, or organizations celebrating ethnic or national identity. All of these are attempts to feel connected. That feeling is key to a sense of self-actualization, contentment, and well-being.

The sense of separation is, of course, the opposite. It prevents personal fulfillment. It permeates all our endeavors and human relationships. And, as we saw in our earlier Wei Chi blogs and newsletters, emotionally-nourishing human relationships are one of the few natural ways we have to improve Wei Chi, our energetic immune system. At the same time, we learned that the “5 devils” that attack Wei Chi are the negative emotions associated with the 5 elements of traditional Chinese medicine (TCM). And, here again, we are invited to emotionally mature, and gain greater mastery over our emotions. We must avoid negativity and foster positive emotions. It is incumbent on each of us to gain an awareness of our–what triggers them and what controls them. That is how we develop our E.Q.–our emotional quotient, commonly known as emotional intelligence.

This sense of separation is pervasive. Mystics are among the few who experience the ultimate connection–communion with their Source, whatever that might mean to each one of them. For Jesus of Nazareth, it is what caused him to say, “I and my father are one.”

Quantum physicists and others who embrace their conclusion experience intellectual communion and the satisfaction of embracing fundamental truth. Their vision, not unlike TCM’s vision, is that each one of us is made of energy and each with our own energy field that evolves in an infinite energetic substance (or field) that we call space.

A singularity of energy fields is that they can exist as a multitude within any given space. But as energy is polarized in positive and negative phases, there is an interplay between opposite energies while there is harmony with same polarity. More positive energy is elevating. More negative energy is abasing. This is our choice to make.

Now, back to wellness. We learn that we can’t ignore our emotions. They give us a clues on as to how to increase our sense of well-being, by increasing what adds to it and by eliminating what makes us feel unhappy, sorry for ourselves, fearful, or angry.

Once we have gained a fuller awareness of our emotions as a sort of guidance system, there are ways to mitigate the negative and enhance the positive.

PHYTO5 has developed one such exciting method with a new generation of wellness spa treatments.

This will be the subject of our soon to be published article describing the forthcoming “Beauty of Emotions” treatment protocol by PHYTO5. This unparalleled treatment protocol will introduce revolutionary and with highly energetic and balancing skincare products.



We are inspired by many authors when writing on the vital energy subject, but in particular, by:

Haas, Elson M. Staying Healthy with the Seasons. Berkeley: Celestial Arts, 2003. Print.
Beinfield, Harriet, and Efrem Korngold. Between Heaven and Earth: A Guide to Chinese Medicine. New York: Ballantine, 1992. Print.
Elias, Jason, and Katherine Ketcham. The Five Elements of Self-Healing: Using Chinese Medicine for Maximum Immunity, Wellness, and Health. New York: Harmony, 1998. Print.
Gerber, Richard. Vibrational Medicine: New Choices for Healing Ourselves. Santa Fe, NM: Bear, 1996. Print.
The abundant writings of Deepak Chopra, M.D.

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Wei Chi and the Beauty of Emotions

Nature’s richness lies in its power to nourish all living things;
its greatness lies in its power to give them beauty and splendor.
–The I Ching

Make a little time for things that ignite your joy! –Heart-Math Institute

Maintaining an active Wei Chi is the best way to maintain a strong immune system. In our prior articles of the Wei Chi series we saw the importance of emotions in two ways.

First, Wei Chi is enriched by emotionally satisfying relationships, and second, an absence of negative emotions eliminates the five “devils” described in traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) as the natural enemies of Wei Chi.

We could say that a high E.Q (Emotional Quotient) is the best predictor of strong Wei Chi, and chi defense, in general.

Another way to say it is that mature emotional intelligence that is capable of managing both good relationships with challenging ones combined with a strong mastery over our own negative emotional reactions are the most important elements over which we have and could increase control for the benefit of our holistic health.

As the slogan of the Phytobiodermie method behind PHYTO5 skincare products states:*“Beauty is health made visible!”*

Even if we do a lot of other things right such as maintain a good diet, get appropriate amounts of exercise, practice breathing exercises, get plenty of sleep, and make regular spa treatments a priority, it will all be insufficient if our E. Q. is low.

Squarely addressing the matter of negative emotions as a barrier to wellness and of positive emotions as a booster of Wei Chi is so important for human wellness that PHYTO5 has evolved an extension of its well-known energetic method to contribute techniques and tools to assist anyone feel and look better.

This treatment approach will soon be presented as a new program called: “PHYTO5 and the Beauty of Emotions.”

The evolution of PHYTO5's new treatment approach is largely borne of two significant factors:

• the fundamental principles of TCM, and
• the evolution of PHYTO5 product formulation resulting in even higher potency levels.

We will explain this new program more fully when we roll out the Beauty of Emotions program and protocol in the near future. For now, and to summarize it into one brief statement, PHYTO5 has developed a new formulation method which has measurably increased the vibrational potency of select PHYTO5 energetic products.

Feeling good must be our objective. It causes us to enjoy life more fully and it makes us more pleasant to be around. Nevertheless, it is almost too easy to focus on the good part of feeling good while many of us are challenged to even recognize or identify our feelings in the first place.

In other words, we must first become conscious of how we feel moment to moment and the impact we make on others' feelings when we interact with each other.

We cannot manage our emotions and reactions unless we are conscious of them. It is a sine qua non condition of developing our E. Q.

The Beauty of Emotions program as a program of wellness begins by assisting the client/patient to first become aware of how he or she feels.

At first, it may sound at once overly ambitious and somewhat invasive. In our society, we have a tendency to keep our true emotions hidden to such an extent that we either lose our awareness of them or we make efforts to hide them.

Still, there are ways to overcome these tendencies, at least with anyone who is willing. That is why an understanding of the importance of emotions in the process of achieving wellness is so relevant. That willingness borne of our understanding will assist us in improving our emotional quotient. As we improve our E. Q. we automatically elevate our health, happiness, character, and even our physical appearance.

The second part of the Beauty of Emotions program encompasses a number of new and specifically formulated PHYTO5 products which are essential tools of the program. From their very inception, PHYTO5 products were successfully formulated for the purpose of balancing chi. PHYTO5 accomplished this for many decades by creating products in alignment with the formulation principles of TCM and its foundational 5-Element Theory.

All along, PHYTO5 has understood that the "5 Devils” described as the natural enemies of Wei Chi (and of chi, in general) affect all aspects of our health, particularly the energy of our five pairs of organs and the function of the five major fluids. Balancing chi always has a beneficial effect on the emotions attached to each of the five pairs of organs.

PHYTO5's new product formulation has significantly increased the vibrational rate of PHYTO5 skincare products causing them to work faster and more deeply to balance not only the physical but the emotional aspects of our being.

We'll be sharing more on this fascinating subject when we unveil the Beauty of Emotions treatment protocol at the end of May 2017.

Of course, this program will need to be adapted to functions that a well-trained spa therapist can effectively perform and which he or she is allowed to perform by relevant state authorities. Special training for the Beauty of Emotions protocol will be involved.

In the meantime, think about the benefits of such an approach when you know how most of our spa clients, in fact, most of our population, live daily life under the duress of all sorts of pressure and unprecedented levels of stress.

👉🏼To be among the first to know when The Beauty of Emotions Program is unveiled, please opt-in to our e-newsletter by visiting our site at phyto5 dot us


We are inspired by many authors when writing on the vital energy subject, but in particular, by:

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The abundant writings of Deepak Chopra, M.D.

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Mother Defined

According to the Wu Xing, the 5-Element Theory of Chinese medicine, the 72 days of Summer (May 6 to July 19) is a period of multiplying, overflowing, flowering, energy and fire. The emotionality of summer is exuberance and joy.

What could be a better description of ‘Mother’ than this–Mother, who is the vehicle for multiplying life, and who, like a flower brims over with exuberance, joy and the fire of love for her children, even for children who are not even her own?

Mother and Summer just go together really well.

Just like Summer is known for outdoor celebrations, Mother brings families and friends together. She makes meals for them and gathers them around picnic and dining tables making sure everyone’s had plenty of great food to eat and a good time.

Summer is about fostering our relationships and strengthening bonds of companionship (even among family members) and Mother often helps make this possible.

She helps transform the family unit at a fundamental level just by bringing and keeping everyone together in love and joy however she can.

Just like the lavender essential oil used in PHYTO5 Summer energetic season skincare, Mother soothes and comforts.

She puts bandaids on skinned knees of her kids playing hard during Summer vacation and suntan lotion on tender skin to prevent sunburn. She cares, not just for our physical wounds, but our emotional wounds, too.

She’s who we often go to for comfort and advice because we know she’ll help us find ways to cope with challenging situations. Even when we’re much older and Mother is no longer with us, we may often find ourselves pining for the love, comfort and tenderness she gave.

She’s a balance of yin and yang, and she knows when to be hard and when to be soft.

Just as Fire is the element of Summer, Mother is the firelight of the family. She brightens our life journey with her guidance and wisdom as if lighting a dark pathway with a lantern.

She makes our house a home with the gentle fire of glowing candles and brilliant fiery colorful flowers. She throws open the curtains to let the sunshine stream in, keeping home bright by day and gently lit by night.

Like Summer, Mother is creative and productive. She gets the job done! Always! There’s almost nothing she can’t do. She’s a virtual Superwoman.

She’s amazing. She’s boundless. She’s exuberantly generous. She’s the light of the family’s life!

Where does all of Mother’s energy come from? The fire of her love.

But she may not be as appreciated as she should be. We often take her for granted knowing she’s always going to be there for us. We know that as long as she is able, she’s going to help make our lives bright and lovely. It’s just what she does. We forget or we may not even know how much she has given and sacrificed for us all along.

This Mother’s Day is one of many opportunities to shower Mother with our love and appreciation. Make it a fantastic day for her. Make her life easier and more luxurious.

Consider giving her the new PHYTO5 purely Swiss-made sampler canvas kit filled with nine different skin and haircare products ($99).

The high grade essential oils used in PHYTO5 skincare have a high vibratory frequency and are very potent in the benefits they offer. In this regard, PHYTO5 products are unmatched. She’ll love them!

And if you’re a mother yourself, it’s always okay, in fact, necessary that you give back to yourself.

Finally, will you share with us one of your good memories of Mother? We may post yours anonymously in an upcoming email and blog post! Stay tuned!

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Earth Day–Mother Earth–Mother's Day

With Earth Day 2017 cited for April 22 and the beginning of the Earth element/energetic “between seasons” period (according to Chinese medicine), beginning April 18, now is the time to start thinking more about Earth as surrogate Mother, nurturing and worthy of our deepest respect and love.

The season of Earth according to Chinese medicine is a time to honor not just the Earth as surrogate mother who literally sustains our lives, but also to honor ourselves. This special time approaches reminding us to care about our environment and others, yes, but also to take time for ourselves with nurturing, loving self-care.

PHYTO5 skincare wouldn’t exist without the Earth. Its blends of essential oils and extracts derived from plants, flowers, and herbs, its marine ingredients and the clays we use so obviously all come right from the Earth. How wonderful it is to have the great fortune to know about these products, to have access to them, and to be able to enjoy them in our daily lives!

There are many practices we can engage in during this balancing Earth energetic season, and this is an exciting time to explore them and to be fully grounded and prepared for the jolt of the powerful yang energetic Summer (beginning May 6).

As one practice, why not further explore the seasonal energetic skincare line that best addresses any imbalance you are experiencing with your skin? If you’re not experiencing any imbalance, then go with the product line of the current energetic season.

👉🏼By the way, did you know that you can easily know at any time what energetic season we’re in by going to our website and looking at the message across the top of the page just under our logo and address? Check out phyto5 dot us

Energetic skincare means that the products are not merely working at the level of the skin, but they also are working at the level of your unseen vital energy flow. Vital energy is vibrational. The flow has a specific rhythm with a measurable vibratory frequency, not unlike electricity. As a case in point, when a person goes into cardiac arrest, the emergency technicians stop the fibrillation of the heart by administering a controlled electric shock to encourage restoration of the heart’s normal rhythm.

The high grade essential oils used in PHYTO5 skincare have a vibratory frequency, too. So do all of nature’s plant-life forms, but the uniqueness of PHYTO5 product formulation is the use of natural essential oils that have the specific frequencies that blended together according to the formulation principles of the 5-Element Theory produce the highest possible balancing frequency for each of the five aspects or elements of vital energy. In fact, the higher the vibratory frequency, the more potent the product. In this regard, PHYTO5 products are unmatched. They are unique and proven by their results.

There is no way a purely chemical skincare product can nourish, nurture and sustain the skin in a real and meaningful way. They only provide very low vibratory frequency incapable of lending more life to the recipient.

PHYTO5 energetic skincare is all about life. All about life sustaining vibrations. All about balancing vital energy.

If you love the planet, love yourself by embracing all she has to offer you. PHYTO5 makes your skincare easy by presenting Earth’s healing high vibrations to you on a silver platter.

One of the most meaningful ways we can honor Mother Earth is by living in harmony as best we can when each energetic season arrives, and all throughout each season. The seasons bring changes. They inspire us to embrace variety in our lives through new experiences that will enrich how we live life.

Why not try to align ourselves with Earth now during this 18 day period of transition between the Wood season and the Fire season?

Watch for our upcoming emails and look at past Earth season oriented blog posts on our site by entering the term “Earth” in the search bar in the upper left region of every page on our site.


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Wei Chi and the Holistic Treatment

The word 'holistic' is often used in the health and wellness oriented industry, and frequently, very loosely, but what is a true holistic treatment?

As the word indicates, holistic encompasses an approach–for a diagnostic or for a treatment–that embraces the entirety of the being. It begs the question: What, in addition to the physical body, exists in and surrounding the patient that must be taken into consideration in order to fully embrace the whole being to make any practice truly holistic?

The first level of increased awareness, going beyond the physical, is fairly obvious and includes the mental and psychological aspects. What people think about themselves and others, combined with their emotional state, are relevant factors affecting any treatment, be it in a spa, a doctor’s office, or on a hospital bed.

At the second level of awareness of what is perceived as a part of the whole being is the notion of vital energy common to all energy medicines. This is sadly absent in so many wellness or medical practices. The fundamental idea that the physical body we see is but the tip of the iceberg is often ignored or considered too esoteric. Yet there is something else that is invisible but essential, namely, that the body is not only vital matter but also vital energy. Further, it is the vital energy that makes the matter vital.

To see a human being in a way that envelopes these two levels is already quite an accomplishment, yet it is incomplete, particularly when it comes to serious diseases with consequences devastating enough that the very spirit of the patient is also under attack. Critical to any possible healing are the core beliefs of the patient in view of the experience he or she is living. This is obviously a subject that concerns not only medical people but patients and would-be patients although this topic remains a very delicate one.

The third level has to do with the spiritual dimension of the one being treated. Some of us might be totally unaware of this aspect, or we might be simply putting it aside, maybe for examination at a later date. Another possibility is we might simply be genuinely oblivious to this part of our constitution.

From an ultimate point of view, the spiritual state of consciousness of the patient is not only relevant but might be a critical factor in dealing with serious ailments. Clearly, rare are the practitioners who will embrace this view or be willing and comfortable enough to incorporate the patient's spiritual state of consciousness into the equation when faced with a deeply serious health issue which on the surface appears to be simply material or physical.

But how is all of this relevant to our wellness and beauty focus? It actually directly relates back to PHYTO5’s motto: “Beauty is wellness made visible!”

In our previous blog, “Wei Chi and the Three Levels of Defense,” we saw that wellness and beauty concerns are outside the picture at the third and fourth levels of defense, but they are reasonable ones for the first two levels even when both Wei Chi and chi are under attack. It is when Wei Chi is strong and an effective defender of our health that our wellness and beauty objectives are most effectively achieved.

Maintaining a strong immunity with an active Wei Chi is of primary importance. In “Wei Chi and the Five Emotions,” we saw the role of emotions and the matter of emotional intelligence as the arena we can most directly influence to maintain a strong immune system. Further, even if we do a lot of other things right, such as focus on a proper diet, get adequate exercise, practice breathing exercises, and get plenty of sleep, it will be in vain if our E. Q. (Emotional Quotient) is low.

In our next blog/newsletter of the Wei Chi series entitled, “Wei Chi and the Beauty of Emotions,” we will address the significant matter of how we deal with our emotions which is a determining factor in achieving wellness. Stay tuned!



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