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Pranav Pai
Fools roam where angels fear to tread - let's have some fun.
Fools roam where angels fear to tread - let's have some fun.

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This new course by Dr Jeffrey Sachs looks very interesting. It promises to deliver key insights about the challenges we face in the post-Kyoto world, and the true ideals of sustainable and inclusive development. I'm looking forward to learning about these important ideas straight from the author of the Millennium Development Goals himself.

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Great work by +BPACofficial 
Launching of One Million New Votes Campaign
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Are you passionate about women empowerment like many of the Code for India volunteers? We have a combination of volunteer-initiated and NGO projects on this topic, so register to hack now! ‪

1. Going to School is hosting a challenge to create a game-based learning app for school girls to develop entrepreneurial skills.  #goingtoschool
2. Rescue me - is an initiative to help victims of sexual assault by setting up alert and rescue systems.
3. Zariya - is a project to provide unbiased legal support to the victims of sexual assault who can file a complaint in confidentiality.

Stay tuned till our team publishes the challenges on our website through the weekend:

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My views on a recent talk that made me think, and on what I think we could be doing.

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#ifihadglass I would figure out how to use it in order to allow people to experience what their heroes do at work - soccer players on the field, artists at work, Presidents of countries giving speeches to millions, rock stars live at concerts; we can live through their eyes and see what they see, we can find inspiration.

Nike Commercial..Take it to the next level !

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