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So people are angry about the electoral college. Some people are arguing that we should abandon it and I mostly agree. However, the replacement proposal is to go to a popular vote. Is that a good idea? Is the Obama president of the Nation or of the States. I mean, he's called President of the United States not President of the American People.

Here's my replacement solution for the electoral college.

One State gets One Vote. 

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White woman pretends to suffer the way black people do.

Check you privilege lady. 
G+ friends!
I have to admit that I live in fear everyday and that has prevented me from wanting to post my face as my avatar. Being an identifiable woman, although, I personally identify as fluid, affects my safety as sexism and misogyny is everywhere and affects me on a daily basis.
The opposite of sexism is feminism. If you are not a feminist you are sexist. It's that simple. I am not looking for people to agree with me, saviours or whatevs. But, I not going to apologise for being a feminist and not sexist ever.
I am angry about how I get treated if I say the 'F' word or even the word 'woman'. And I know it's OK for me to angry. I have a lot to be angry about. I have been inspired by what I have seen and read here in G+ by people who are not sexist and disappointed, angry and amused by those that are.
Sexism online is an issue. I have seen the misogyny and felt it's hate. I don't want to be afraid to be seen as a woman. If you see it don't engage and report or remove any negativity if you are a moderator or organiser to prevent the silencing of women and other diverse oppressed groups. Misogyny is not worth our time.
So, here is to being visible and having coffee with all the people out there who are not sexist and believe in communities that are diverse, free from hate speech and gendered violence, over G+, hangouts and other platforms.
I look forward to making new friends who don't hate me based on their assumptions of my gender. 💖


My predictions for Game of Thrones season 7 and into the future:

At the end of season 6 we see Cercei as queen because her last child died and she killed everyone else just so she wouldn’t have to personally face judgment. In doing this she has made an enemy of the Tullies who could cut off grain and starve everyone in the city.

So, season 7, grain gets cut off and everyone starts to starve as it begins to get colder and colder. Maybe we even see the queen of thorns demand Cercei’s head in exchange for food and Cercei is perfectly happy just letting everyone die so Jamie has to kill the mad queen.

But it could also very well be Arya who kills Cercei since she is the younger of the Stark siblings.

Of course all of this will happen after Cercei kills the queen of dragons. Yes, Danny will die and her dragons will die. What else would you expect from Game of Thrones. We all expect Danny to come in with shock and awe but again and again this show keeps telling us to check our expectations.

So Jon needs dragons to defeat the Night King, but the dragons are all dead because of Cercei. Then everyone in Kingslanding starves because of Cercei. Then, winter comes and all those dead bodies come back to life to kill the living.

Speaking of Jon, he’s going to have a huge problem on his hands with young lady Mormont when she finds out he isn’t really Ned’s son. It shouldn’t matter, since she said she didn’t care that he was a bastard but she is loyal to a fault. We may have another Ollie situation on our hands.

But Jon can’t die. The Show even told us over and over. What is dead may never die. Jon is dead. He’ll fight the Night King but Jon can’t win. In the end we’ll see another situation like at Hardhome. Jon, like Hodor before him, stays behind too hold off the undead while the living escape on boats across the narrow sea. Westeros will be lost.

After something like 200 years, Jon is still there fighting his one man fight against the undead, when winter ends and summer returns. The undead retreat to the north again. However, humanity has completely given up on Westeros, content to live in the cities of Essos that they have now called home for so long. Then we’ll see the last of the children of the forest come back to take back their home. 

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It was revealed in the eyes all along. 

Why was R+L=J revealed?

First, if you don't know what that refers to, then don't read this. Because spoilers.

Ok, so the big reveal that everyone knew was coming finally came. Jon Snow is really a Targaryan. But, he doesn't know it and certainly doesn't act like it. So why was this revealed. Let's go through the options and see which one gives us the best answer.

Jon being a Targaryan is important. Some of you reading might be saying that this is obvious. However, the show didn't need to tell us who his parents were for us to know he's important. He's accomplished some pretty important stuff all on his own with no name to credit it to. Anyone who had done the things Jon had done, which include coming back from the dead, would be important even if they were an orphan who's parents had been a prostitute and a drunken sailor.

No, for this reveal to be meaningful it can't just be that Jon's parents or his name makes him important. The fact that he is a Targaryan has to be important somehow. And it's not going to be important in the sense that he will go to Kingslanding and try to take the throne. He can't do that because he doesn't know and no one else knows either. Even if he did know and everyone knew, Jon isn't the type of person to go and try to do that.

The only thing that makes sense is that his Targaryan blood, or that y chromosome inherited from Aegon the conquerer is important in some way that will help Jon fight the undead north of the wall. The iron throne is a distraction and Jon isn't going to worry about it. He's trying to save the living from the dead. That's his mission and the reveal of his parents must mean that he is able to do something that a non Targaryan would not be able to.

Or …


The show is setting us up for another death.

Yeah, Jon had died before on the show but his main character powers brought him back where they failed others. But this is Game of Thrones. It's the fantasy version of the Republican primary. There are so many hopefuls and so you pick one to like. Then you get emotionally invested, then the primary happens and they don't get enough votes so they suspend their campaign. Or in Game of Thrones, they get burned alive, or murdered at their wedding or (insert brutal death here).

The show seems to be telling us again and again that the story in your head is not reality. Just because you have this name or these parents that does not mean you have some great destiny before you. A bullet can kill a president just the same as it can kill a commoner.

In the end, titles and names mean nothing. They were invented by human beings to serve us not the other way around. For Jon, being a Stark is what is serving him so he would not abandon that. If someone told him he was a Targaryan he might not even care. His identity is as a Stark.

But Jon has survives some amazing things and he did die and come back already. We all want to believe that he's the main character who will win the primary, and then get the nomination, and then win in November. We've been disappointed before and shocked before and for once we hope that for all the times the show has broken the tired tropes of storytelling by killing characters off, it will be so satisfying when the true main character finally does survive.

But no, this is Game of Thrones. That can never be allowed to happen. Jon will die and all this hyping up of his character is just to let us build our hopes up again only to burn it right in front of us in a nihilistic FU to the audience.



R + L does not actually equal J.

I know, the reveal happened, but did it? Could we be dealing with an unreliable narrator? We see that transition from baby to Jon and we jump to the conclusion that it's confirmed but we haven't actually crossed the finish line for the touchdown yet. We're first and inches with the Superbowl champs up against the worst team in the league. The score board guy has already put the points up for all to see but the fact of the matter is, we haven't actually crossed the finish line.

What if it is revealed in the end that Jon is not the baby Ned takes from the tower? A lot of people will be angry and shocked, which is what Game of Thrones wants to do to you. Why would you even be surprised?

Or …


It's an inside joke.

I call this fan service because that's what it really is. The fans think the theory is true and so even though no one knows and even if it is revealed to Jon nothing would change, the show runners want to go ahead and tell the fans because we want it. In this way, we know more than Jon and all the times he goes around acting like a Stark and being a total Stark, we know he's really a Targaryan and we can laugh or feels sad or just have that insight.

For the reveal to actually be important, Jon has to be told and knowing that has to change something. A decision or a marriage or something. There has to be some consequence of this other than just knowing and moping about it. If nothing ever changes because of it, then the reveal is really just for the fans.

Imagine if next season Bran is killed in the first episode so he never gets to tell anyone what he saw. Then Sam, and little Sam, and Gilly all die; murdered by the guy that let Sam into the library; because Game of Thrones. So Jon continues as he always would have, never knowing who his parents were. He goes down to the crypt to bury Rickon and says a few words about his dead aunt not knowing that she was really his mother and his real aunt is off killing people with dragons. Nothing in the show changes. Jon eventually dies when the White Walkers take over all of Westeros. Then Danny dies when the White Walkers take over all of Westeros. In fact, everyone dies and all the surviving humans have to flee on ships back to Essos. Because Game of Thrones.

When you think about it, the idea that the White Walkers will win the Game of Thrones is not a possibility anyone ever discusses. We all just assume they have to be defeated. But what if not. Clearly the humans of Westeros, Jon included, do not have their act together. None of them deserve to rule. Maybe Jon lives out his last days in exile in Essos as his aunt and uncle did before him. Maybe dozens of new cities are established across the narrow sea by all the Westerosian refugees. It would make people angry and it would shock us and that is Game of Thrones. What else would you expect? 

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This is absolutely ridiculous. The protestants were in the wrong. He should have sentenced them to go to Catholic Church. I call to impeach the judge unless he attends Latin Mass or Divine Liturgy every Sunday for a year.

Catholic is right. Protestant is Always, always wrong.

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Stop your life is a lot better than you think it is
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Catholic bishop: Never vote 'for any candidate, of any party, who supports abortion'

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Fr. Z's Blog: Pope Francis heard confessions in St. Peter’s Square. 
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