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Keep smiling. It feels better.
Keep smiling. It feels better.

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Today's nightly builds are coming out with Magisk by topjohnwu@xda instead of previously used superuser, main reason being that Magisk makes phones pass SafetyNet tests. While we did extensive tests by our standards on many different devices, there are those that we don't currently own and couldn't test on. If you run into issues, let us know by responding to this thread. One last note, you have to boot once into ROM before flashing a custom kernel. And still it may not work. SO MAKE A BACKUP

1. You will need to grant ALL su permissions to root apps again.
2. Samsung S2 users, please stay on the build with cm-su for now! You might run into problems otherwise.
3. Z00A & Z008 users, please make sure to run TWRP 3.0.2-m1 or 3.0.3...Dirty flash should work.

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This is really important and to the point
PSA: stop using cracked apps, it's dangerous

Do you think people who crack apps are trying to help you?  Don't be naive, they are helping themselves.  Helping themselves to your personal information like passwords and banking info, generating traffic to ad sites using your bandwidth, logging your keystrokes, making your phone part of a botnet and all kinds of nasty stuff. 

It is trivial for anyone to reverse an Android APK. Just download apktool and you can open up any APK and change whatever you want. Whenever I add new anti-piracy measures to my apps, they are cracked again within a week.  If they can circumvent anti-piracy code and Play Store licensing, they can inject malicious code.  And they do inject malicious code. 

It is especially dangerous to download cracked root apps.  Once the app has root privileges, there is no limit to what the hacker can do to your phone.  They can do literally whatever they want.

If you want to be safe, install your apps from the Play Store.  If the app costs money, bite the bullet and pay for it.  It's utterly stupid to risk getting pwned by hackers just to save a few bucks. 

If you have installed cracked apps,  don't bother uninstalling them.  You need to do a full wipe and clean install of your phone. 

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Last round of testing for HTC PME N
You need to be on 2.28 firmware for the fingerprint scanner to work, not only as fingerprint reader but also as the home button.
Devicewise, everything should be working.


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WIP Blur. You asked for it. You got it. 

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PME: Another test build
This is very close to final. But it is still a test build. Has some extra goodies too

Will be working on m9 for a while. Enjoy.

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PME Users:
7.1.1 selinux-permissive test build available @
- Use opengapps arm64 7.1.1 packages (I am on micro)
and report.
Calls (Amp is not yet functional)

Major thanks to +Altaf Mahdi and CM guys

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Last AICP 12.1 test build for Flo N7.1
Next step nightlies.
Download Link:

-Fixed Settings fc at startup
-Decreased system partition usage by removing Hexolibre and personal dictionaries.
-Removed GELLO for now. Causing reboots.
-Lots of shuffle reshuffle in the vendor and device repos,
-Filesize is now 271.4MB's.
-Tested with Opengapps (upto Micro package. Nano and pico are also fine)
-Running with Google Pixel Launcher and Assistant myself. 

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New FLO N 12.1 test build:
- Created more space in system partition so opengapps nano package can now be installed in addition to the pico package. We are seriously limited with system space in N.
- System was coming up with performance CPU profile. Changed that to interactive so battery should last longer. I am currently watching a NFL game with 16.8% per hour screen on drain

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Currently uploading a test build.
All seems to be working. Use Opengapps pico package (that's what I am running it with). There is a settings fc message after a restart, ignore it.

Download link:
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