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A veritable fount of wit, snark & awesomeness

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Apologies for the semi-xpost here, but I want to cover the bases for this awesome project by two of my favorite peeps in the whole world... their efforts have had a great effect on the Portland (ME) beer scene & this campaign will help them keep rolling... Anything helps! RVAers especially can appreciate the notion of "Drink Local",  so help these folks out if you're in a position to do so!

Ok, as we near kickoff, here are my NFL season predictions, certain to look silly by the end of September... 


Wild Cards:

SBXLVIII - DEN over SEA... over-reaction to Thursday night? Maybe... but they're loaded on offense and will probably get better as they get some of their top defenders back from suspension/injury

WK1 picks... NO, NE, CIN, DET, PIT, IND, KC, TB, SEA, SF, STL, DAL, PHI (upset), HOU (lock)

FANTASY NOTES: Thanks to two fourth-quarter touchdowns for D.Thomas and dodging the Peyton bullet, seven of the TMac 8 are favored to win their Week 1 matchups... however, I have somewhat ridiculously pinned my fantasy fortunes to the same 33-year old right arm that will determine the fate of my favorite team... 


I'm working on some predictions for the NFL season and Week 1, but I'd love to hear yours! How's your team gonna do? Who's going to the Super Bowl?

 (x-post w/ FB)

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So this amazing little thing was just put on my radar... and now I want one for, well, pretty much everything...  I mean, its not like I'm always losing track of things...  oh, wait, yes it is...

Has anyone else heard of/pre-purchased this?

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I get a ton of email and I like to share some of the highlights as I filter through it all. So, if you've noticed that I've started to post here a little more frequently, just know that I'm saving the best of the best for you :)

One of the best sources for particularly engaging stuff is The Very Short List and, today, they served up this potential gem...

Have you ever wanted a thing (as opposed to a person or a job) so badly that you'd be willing to share it with any number of people, as a means to overcoming the hurdle of a purchase price beyond your budget? Check out OwnMutually... it appears to be a "fractional ownership" opportunity for... well, everything. It's obviously early-stage, but the offers so far are interesting and potentially important. I'm sure this isn't the first site to take on this concept, but maybe the timing is right? Millenials are proving to be more frugal than their predecessors and open to these sorts of communal situations... I guess we'll have to wait and see.

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Thank you all for the birthday wishes. As I am wont to do, I have a little story to tell, for those that are willing to indulge me on this, the anniversary of my birth. :)

I've had the running joke with +Mark Stevens & a few others about 'naming' my years after favorite athletes who wore the number of that year. The last couple years in particular have been fun, just for conjuring McHale/Bird vs Magic/Kareem battles of my childhood. So today, in turn, I enter the Year of Shaq.

Shaquille O'Neal was never my favorite player. I was fascinated by Kobe Bryant's talent and attitude from the very start, but to be honest, while happy w/ the big fellas defection to LA (and the subsequent return of the Purple & Gold to its championship pedigree), I had mostly tuned out of the NBA after the sad way my childhood idol, Magic Johnson, saw his career end. Fortunately, at least, that story has become an inspiration; a beginning rather than an end. But I digress...

I enter my #34 year finding a lot of things in common with The Big Aristotle (my favorite Shaq nickname, btw). Gifted in my own ways, I haven't always made the most of my talents. Though I've brought success to the teams I've been on, I've moved on for various reasons without delivering on the full potential of those situations. I've been overweight. I've clowned around while others were being serious; I've spoken out when silence was the more appropriate virtue. 

At age 34, Shaq won his fourth & final championship with the Miami Heat, sharing the spotlight with his co-captain and then-rising star, Dwyane Wade. As I hurl myself headlong into my mid-thirties, I, too, am looking forward to raising my game back to a championship level, hopefully in ways I haven't before... by being a good teammate, helping people, and giving others an opportunity to reach their potential, as I strive for mine. Maybe... those of you who have read this far... maybe you are some of those people, but in any case, I hope to see you along the way. Cheers & thanks again, to everyone, for the birthday wishes. - TM

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I don't even know where to begin... I only got a couple hours into GTA IV and LA Noire... they look like they've really out-done themselves this time...  but when do we reach the line where the game is so realistic and time-consuming that we literally don't have time for it? 

Oh. We hit that six years ago in World of Warcraft? My bad. Carry on then...  Enjoy the trailer and go ahead and stock up on snacks and energy drinks now...

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I did a lot of research on the subject and Namecheap has, by far, been the easiest way to continue my addiction to registering every domain name that pops into my head! 

I think I get something if you click on this link, so... knock yourselves out! :)

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Have you ever watched an old show or read an old book and wondered when their conception of the future was actually going to appear (George Jetson's briefcase car, anyone?)...  

Well, here's one whose time has apparently arrived... nicely medical tech nerds...  also, I want one, if you're looking for gift ideas.
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