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Dawn Gardner (Spatulas On Parade)
Spatulas On Parade,recipe writer, cook, author, wife, mom, grandmother
Spatulas On Parade,recipe writer, cook, author, wife, mom, grandmother

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YAY we survived Valentine's Day!! Hope you had a great one. I worked of course and took W to the doctor. I didn't expect anything and was sure nothing would happen but much to my surprise when I arrived home I found a beautiful vase of red roses, a card, ch...

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Breakfast Stackers and UYW
Each month we, those participating in the  challenge, are given 5-6 words or phrases to use in a story, poem or verse of our choice. Sometimes these words are easy to work with and flow with something that has recently happened. Other times they are a real ...

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Truffles : Friends and Family How I love ya - Poetry
This month we tossed out several themes for our poetry and tried to stay away from the spouse, lover, typical Valentine's Day stuff. We all have family, we all have friends and I guarantee you, we all have ones we love. For me, being a foodie, food is a big...

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Love is in the air, oh! that explains the smell...#BWF Chocolate Cherry Muffins
Today is our monthly "blog with friends" post. We pick a theme and then each blogger puts their own spin on it. The theme "love is in the air" was chosen. Well, my first thought was LOVE STINKS yeah yeah, the song from many years ago. Then I thought, hmm wh...

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Buffalo Cups and SSS
Around here buffalo chicken is a favorite, be it in the form of wings, dip or any shape, fashion or form really. I am always brain storming on new ways to eat it. How about in a cup? An edible cup as it were, a biscuit filled with buffalo chicken. Now that'...

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Pepperoni Cheese Sticks AND Funny Friday
Happy Friday! Welcome to the first Funny Friday in 2017. These pepperoni cheese sticks are not pretty, sorry about that, but MAN did they taste out of this world! 1 can pizza dough 12 mozzerella string cheese sticks 1 package 1# pepperoni small jar of pizza...

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Meaty Veggie Soup and #FOTW
A few weeks ago we had temperatures in the TEENS! YES you read that right. Teens! Saturday morning I woke up to 19! So what did I do? Stayed in where it was warm and made a big pot of homemade vegetable soup but since I added meat to it, that made it hearty...

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Chicken Cordon Blu and #UYW
Do you like cordon bleu? I do. I previously, a few years ago, made a orzo  for cordon bleu AND egg rolls ! But I wanted to make it, baked. It wasn't difficult but I think next time I'll buy the thin cut chicken breast instead of slicing my own. I didn't get...

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Creamy Chicken and Bean Noodle Soup AND New Beginnings poetry
Cold weather can be depressing, lack of sunshine, cold wind, cold temperatures and be shut indoors. So to combat the blues I made a big pot of soup this past weekend. Well, actually I made two pots, two different soups. Here is one: Creamy Chicken and Bean ...

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Frosty Fun #BWF Double Chocolate Cherry Cheesecake Filled Bundt Cake
Blogging With Friends is a group post each month where we pick a theme and each blogger puts their personal spin on it. This month the theme is Frosty Fun. I had visions of a frosted "fun" cake but it didn't exactly happen that way. So how does this recipe ...
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