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Dawn Gardner (Spatulas On Parade)
Spatulas On Parade,recipe writer, cook, author, wife, mom, grandmother
Spatulas On Parade,recipe writer, cook, author, wife, mom, grandmother


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Chocolate Flourless Gluten Free Mug Cake AND #UYW
Several years ago my ex and I planted a garden, well actually we planted one every year for four years. Due to his background in construction he spent hours building pens or raised beds for our plants, flowers , hybrid pepper plants and bushes. It was not c...

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Swiss Chocolate Cake with Coffee Vanilla Almond Frosting AND June Poetry - Fatherhood
Hey y'all, how's it going? June is flying by at record speed. Our busy season at work has hit and I work so many hours I'm meeting myself coming and going! Does that ever happen to you? When I'm stressed, worried or exhausted for some reason, I want cake. I...

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Frozen Mocha Coffee -School's Out #Blogwithfriends
HEY everybody! School is out and I am so thankful I do not have to worry about daycare, camp, and finding things for the boys to do so as not to hear "MOM I'm bored!" However, I do miss them being home and I'm not sure that will ever go away. I was reading ...

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Updated Chicken Salad - secret ingredient AND SSS
This chicken salad is a major cheat but tasty and super easy. With all the hours I have to work these days I am constantly looking for a quicker easier way for a delicious meal. Well, here it is. 1 can chicken, drained OR two chicken breast boiled, no skin ...

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Frozen Lime Beach Comber
Have you ever had one of those days? You know the ones that you wished would hurry and be over? Maybe it was one of those weeks? Months? A year? yeah, me too! I really felt on the brink of a breakdown. Anxiety was high, which is a new sensation for me and o...

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Blackened Mahi Club
Several months back I ate at the Ruddy Duck with some friends and had a fish sandwich. Not just any fish and not just any sandwich. Oh my! A nice thick slice of blackened Mahi and here today I'm sharing my version. Blackened Mahi Club a slice of Mahi-blacke...

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Southwest Chicken Chili Frito Nacho Salad and Funny Friday
I'm a big salad lover but I like my salads to have substance, protein and lots of flavor. The meat and bean mixture you could use in tortillas, over corn bread, in a bread bowl or by itself with crackers. Really the possibilities are pretty numerous. I ate ...

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Full Loaded Brownie Bake and FOTW
Look at this deliciousness!! Fly On The Wall...what happens when you guys aren't around. On the job, around the house and in town. ENJOY I'm driving a family to the grocery store and we stop at the gas station. The kids stay in the car with me. YAY...not. A...

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Loaded Green Veggie Beef Stir Fry and use your words
Hey howdy hey! I'm so excited to share this recipe with you! This is by far the BEST, no kidding, the BEST stir fry I ever prepared. OMGosh, I'm telling you my son and I gobbled it up like it was our last meal and we were walking the green mile! 2 small chu...

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Chocolate Fudge Pudding Cake and Motherhood Yo Yo Poetry Post
Who put this year on fast forward?? It is almost the middle of May! AND Mother's Day is this weekend! EEK My youngest son sent me a text on Sunday asking me what I wanted. He was not happy with my answers and told me I needed to improve my gifting list. Wha...
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