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Scrumptious BBQ Chicken Wings
Time really flies, another year has gone by. Now I am back again to continue where I have left off, sharing  my knowledge on culinary skills.   This  is a  BBQ chicken wings recipe.  A simple and easy dish that you all will definitely want to try.  Just mar...

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Premium Aromatic Spice 话盐 is available for Sharing!
Attention:  To all My friends I am introducing a traditional
authentic condiment passed down from my family. The aromatic spice salt话盐, a must in my kitchen. It helps to
ease a lot of tedious preparation in my dishes.  Say  goodbye to
peeling, pounding, squ...

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Charity Cooking Demo At Spastic Centre on Korean Fried Chicken & Cheesy Tuna Puff
I have neglected my blog for the year 2015.  I am in the verge of giving up blogging as I have encounter problem  on missing blog posts and even  photos are missing.   Hope I can gather enough energy and IT knowledge to tacle the problem.   My main purpose ...

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Healthy Vegetarian Rice sheet (Cheong Fun) Rolls
The highlight of the dish is the sauce which I like it very much.   The miso black sesame sauce, or you may prefer your own special  sauce of your liking!   Recipe adapted from Ms lee Yin Suit during a charity cooking demo at Ti-Ratana,  Jalan Penchala, Pet...

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Hainanese Fish Maw with Pineapple海南鱼鳔伴凤梨
Believe it my dear friends!    This is my 1st post for year 2015!   I am involving few charity events lately as a way to return to society and help the needy in a small way.  Hope to share my experience on social charitable reponsibilities in my future post...

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Chinese Broccoli in 2 Style (Yin Yong Baby Kai Lan)
Chance upon another blog event "My Treasure Recipes #3 ~ Tastes of Autumn (Oct/Nov 2014).   My Chinese Broccoli (Kailan)  in 2 Style just prepared at the right timing for the event.  I am glad to be able to prepare this dish at home  in a more healthy way c...

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Fabulous Steamed Pumpkin Cake 蒸黄金蛋糕 LTU - Oct 2014
Another Cake using steaming method to tempt you! This time using pumpkin to join in the Little Thumbs Up October theme -  Pumpkin.  I have quite a few goodies with pumpkin as one of the main ingredients. Hope I can get rid off the lazy worms in me!  hehe......

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Simple Apple Crumble 苹果金宝
This Apple Crumble was prepared in the August but only managed to post it now.  Just right time for the event of Little thumb ups.  Forgive for the to bad photography.    There is so much to learn and need lot of improvement on food blogging be it the recip...
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