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Bryant Durrell
Movies, books, tabletop gaming, politics, Ingress. Keep the car running. He/him.
Movies, books, tabletop gaming, politics, Ingress. Keep the car running. He/him.

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Seattle, holding the target until the end.
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Request: Hashed Target/Spawn Locations

NIA: I assume and believe that you've already chosen the target portals and shard spawn portals for phase 2 and phase 3 of the current event. (Which is awesome, having a ton of fun, thank you!) Would you be willing to publish hashes of those lists for post-event verification? Because Ingress players are Ingress players, I am expecting both Resistance and Enlightened to complain about Calvinball, thumbs on scales, and so on; you could do both yourselves and us a favor by pre-publishing the list and establishing that you're not making the decisions based on the state of the game board.

Thanks for considering this, and thanks again for an excellent and interesting event.

+NIA Ops +Andrew Krug

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All of this.
I play Ingress, which means that I'm a huge fan of (and frequent visitor to) the US's amazing park system. This regulation is up for vote in the House of Representatives on Friday, and if passed, would lead to increased oil and gas drilling (and the roads, work, and potential accidents) associated with those activities. On National Park Service lands.

The vote is Friday. H.J. Res. 46. Please research to your own satisfaction and if as upset as I am, call your representatives and make your voice heard.

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Hey, Seattle: our Iranian-American Lt. Gov. set up a resource page for detainees. 

OrcaCon: Sally Lam is a plainsclothes cop who fought her way out of the traffic enforcement division after gangsters killed her undercover fiancé. Haunted by fears of failure, she compensates by shooting bad guys and drinking.

(More Feng Shui.)

OrcaCon: Night's Black Agents. Playing a French ex-DCRI agent. No demons yet.

OrcaCon game 1: Feng Shui. My character: a demon bear from Russia. High point: chasing down a helicopter. Duh, everyone knows demon bears can fly.

Now arriving: OrcaCon.

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A thing I did over the holidays: the Cascadia mission series up in Seattle. For non-Ingress players, this is a cool emergent player-created thing. Ingress has this feature called missions which allow you to set up a series of tasks which put a badge in your profile when you finish. Someone smart figured out that you could do a bunch of missions in order to make a sort of mosaic on your profile -- see the first image in the album here for what I'm talking about.

Cascadia requires you to complete 60 missions. As the bird flies, it's over 130 kilometers. I did it over the course of eleven calendar days; the vast bulk of the missions were completed on six of those. Total distance walked was 60.13 miles, total time spent doing missions (including meal and rest breaks) was 31 hours and 47 minutes.

I saw a ton of Seattle, too, mostly Queen Anne and Belltown. See... many many photos.

I also had the able assistance of +Susan Carlson on this; she did a lot of driving for me, or it would have been much longer and much harder.

I got some blisters but totally worth it.
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FYI. This community remains open for business, of course.
Hello agents !

Site is down ! I have no longer time enough to manage this site. Moreover I don't want to spend my money for that. I let this community open to share your mosaics.

Thanks to all contributors and to all mosaic hunters: it was a great adventure.
Thank you so much.

See you.
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