Got the new update for the LG Google TV (android 4.2.2) Notice that it now has game controller support. Anyone know what controllers it will support? (tried XBox 360 in usb port didn't work)
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A call to LG support might help. 
What country are you in?
So the Jelly Bean update is out? I'm surprised this is not bigger news.
That television has Bluetooth, right? I'd try a wireless controller.
might only be for LG TV's it was posted last week that it was supposed come out monday..
dont know if it has bluetooth, and i dont have a bluetooth controller to test. Xbox 360 controller hooked with USB did not work
yes there seems to be some more apps, still not that many. over all i like the update, interface to menus changed, seems smoother
Is it a true wired Xbox 360 controller or are you using the "play and charge" kit?
There's your problem. That's not a real wired 360 controller.
heres what LG support said:

 There is no official list yet however the Tv recognizes a USB human interface devices (HID) so a USB control that is plug and play with a windows PC will likely be recognized.
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