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This is amazing! Realy a beautiful shot! Where is this image taken?
WOW, what a shock to the system to see you posting again +Noel Clegg I'm really glad to see you back, and with a stunning image from ?? 
Beautiful tones and your stunning processing.
Another beautiful Fine Art Image.
Hope your well.
Thanks +Javier Esvall +Phil Jackson +Francesco Gola +Francis Gagnon +Louis Lavoie 

Hey +Michael Diblicek all good here thanks, it's been a very busy summer with moving house and doing some paid photography for work, back to normal now and lots to catch up on.  See you're going to be down in Brighton again for the ML workshop.  Not going personally this time round, but might pop down on the Friday afternoon to say hello if you're about?

Thanks Carmen, this is Clevedon pier in Somerset UK
Gosh - the details and tones are amazing - the way the pier really stands out from the background... superb.
Hey Mr C with that angle you must have shot from the road with a 300mm or something! How did you bag this one? Would be great to see you in Brighton even if its only for an hour or two!
Hey +Russ Barnes it's two landscape shots both at 60mm, one for pier and the other for the sky, then blended in PS.  Felt that the wide view lost detail in the pier zoomed in was too compressed, so opted for the two shots to still allow enough breathing space as well.  Will see if I can get out of work early on Friday and might be able to make it down for about 4pm.
absolutely great! wonderful shot!
I like the simplicity of this shot, Noel. Great work!
Hey man, long time, but worth it! Superb!
Just so this picture on Elia site and I love it.  I collect lighthouses and have been for 20 years or more....this one is awesome and I love it in black and white...thanks for sharing.  Lighthousekat
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a delicate choice of soft tones, a moody beauty Noel!
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