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COMING SOON! The goal of is to enable shit content from the world of online marketing to get noticed. There's an amazing commu

Is Community Building More Important Than SEO?

Whether you started 10 years ago or 1 year ago, what were you told about the purpose of SEO? Was it something along the lines of, ‘to make a

Increase your search engine rankings by using trashy content

You hate Pandas, you hate Penguins, what about Parrots? Sit with a group of SEOs for long enough and the subject of backlinks will arise and

» Using AuthorRank To Future-Proof Guest Posting

There is a problem with guest blogging: SEOs have got hold of it. As with almost every link building method known to man, if there is a way

The 7 Dumbest Mistakes You Can Make When Launching a New Blog

So, let me guess. When you started blogging, you probably plunked your butt down in a chair, rifled out some thoughts on your trusty keyboar

» Ego Bait Needs a Rebrand … [sticky post]

Ego Bait, for those not in the know is traditionally described as creating a piece of content with the main intention of appealing to a targ

The Best Thing You Will EVER do for Your Writing?

Loving this useful post at Naked Blogging : Know Your Reader. Simple. Easy. Obvious? Apparently not. Reader profiling is something I work wi

5 Bad Habits of an Online Marketing Rookie - The Online Marketing Rookie

For the past four months I've been on my computer up to 12 hours a day, almost every day. And it's been great! Because I'm learning loads of

Ego Bait Needs a Rebrand

A Guest Post by Gaz Copeland What is ?Ego Bait?? Ego Bait, for those not in the know is traditionally described as creating a piece of conte

SEO 2.0 | 101 Ways to Make Your Blog More Popular and Successful

This is my list of 101 ways to make your blog more popular and successful. Most of it I tried myself, other measures have been taken by nume

SEO 2.0 | Idiotically Simple Ways to Make Your Crap Content Stand Out

SEO is dead they shout, social media has no ROI they whine but great content is the emperor in the online monarchy of needs right now they p

Twit Cleaner - Clean Your Tweetstream!


Start something small

Start something small The other day I was listening to Dale Carnegie’s How to Win Friends and Influence People and and I found it amazing ho

I’m Wasted Here, I Should be Matt Cutts’ Wingman.I’m Wasted Here, I Shou...

I'm getting increasingly lazy with age so today we have yet another awesome guest post this time by Patrick Hathaway who when not busy being

Link Building Hangout - DEJAN SEO

Dan Petrovic and the hangout panel share link building tips and discuss current issues around the link building process. This will be our se

Interview with International Heavyweight SEO Tadeusz Szewczyk aka Tad Ch...

Seoblog recently got the chance to interview Tadeusz Szewczyk aka “Tad Chef”, he is arguably the most notorious White Hat SEO from Germany.

10 Super Easy SEO Copywriting Tips for Improved Link Building

Want to know the secrets of SEO copywriting? Compare the two posts below, both written by the exact same SEO expert and each containing arou

SEO 2.0 | How Do You Attract Visitors Instead of Traffic to Your Site?

You need to attract the pedestrians of the Web, those who stroll around the corner and visit you because you're their neighbor by associatio

SEO 2.0 | 7 Kinds of Tweets You Need to Send Out Daily

Ideally an outreach campaign does not start with cold mailing but is just the logical extension of prior encounters.

SEO 2.0 | Google+ is a One Way Street, is Self-Promotion the Only Way Out?

Google+ may not be a ghost town but it may be full of your peers, other early adopters and people who do not listen but speak all the time.


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I think that post and this post should fight to the death.

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Sweet Tool, quick, light, simple, took me about 20 seconds. The guy seems pretty cool too (@SiDawson). Don't forget to do the "how am I" part too after the first part finishes (I was clean as a whistle)! ... I learned about this site/tool from @RootsWebSol via his blog post here:

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I love 'about' pages, and THIS is an awesome one  ... Gisele, you're cool as shite girl
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(you've been added to a couple of more lists)

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Google+, Why are you always the last to know?

I wrote a new post which published this morning. The ULTIMATE Link Building Query Generator!


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