Approaches as Tags to Aspects in FAE: I was reading through Always, Never, Now and Lady Blackbird, which are both systems that use variants of the The Pool, when I realized you could apply how they use tags to FAE very easily.

In FAE, you have 6 approaches, and the total value of those approaches is 9 (one +3, two +2 and two +1). Approaches are adjectives, but as many have noted, the list can be fairly limiting. For instance, are you Forceful? Or is it more accurate that you are Brutal? Or Passionate? Or Aggressive? Each could be valid variant of Forceful.

So basically in this FAE variant, you create 9 adjective “tags” that are added the characters aspects. For example, the example character from the FAE rules, Bethesda Flushing. Her approaches are  Careful +2, Clever +3, Flashy +1, Forceful +2, Quick+1, and Sneaky +0.

You could think of these as careful, careful, clever, clever, clever, flashy, forceful, forceful, quick.

First we allocate these approaches as her aspects as tags:

High Concept: Chief Field Agent of IGEMA, clever,  *flashy* 

Trouble: I'll Get You, von Stendahl!, forceful,  *clever* 

My Inventions Almost Always Work. Almost clever, careful, forceful

My Grad Students Come Through, Just Not How I Expect Them To, quick

I Trust Dr. Alemieda's Genius , careful

Now you can change the adjectives to more accurate reflect the character and the aspect. For instance, the aspect _Chief Field Agent of IGEMA_ the tags can be changed from clever & flashy, to learned and respected.

Functionally each tag can be used as a +1 when rolling.

This clearly needs some work and polish, but I hope it inspires someone.
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