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Sounds great! Nice to meet your father Emilio on the airplane to Seattle! 
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Christopher Allen

Fate Accelerated Edition (FAE)  - 
I'm working on a family-friendly version of the FAE rules that will be the SRD that we will be using for Steampunk OZ.

What aspects of FAE are confusing or need a bit more explanation?

My goal is not to go too far toward Core — instead just fill in a few holes, add few elegant and/or very easy additions.

Clearly approaches is an area that needs clarification (my personal top of the list for this is a White Picket Witches style list of what you can do with approaches, along with integrating some of the ideas on costs of failure).

Another area I think needs a little help is something simple about zones. Maybe one or two things from toolkit such as more stunt templates.

What else?
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I don't want to add complication or complexity to FAE. But clearly approaches is an area that despite its simplicity causes a lot of misunderstanding. As far as zones in FAE and some of the other things, maybe just one more really clear example is enough.
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Christopher Allen

Fate Accelerated Edition (FAE)  - 
Now that there are more people familiar with FAE, what do people think about FAE for LARPS? Any suggestions or improvements?

Some things that I like about it are:

* Halving the ladder and using rock-paper-scissors for resolution.

* Ability to have "secret" aspects that may be discovered with create advantage, or have a "cover" that hides it.

* The ability to "give in" before RPS in exchange for loosing but being able to declare the narration of the loss.

* Having one of the approaches be -1, making it a second form of "trouble".
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I'm very interested in it. Here's my current draft: Let's compare notes. I think you have a lot more work put into the actual exchange between the players, when there is a test. I was staying light on that, but I can see the value in it.
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Christopher Allen

Tools and Resources  - 
I am working on making a markdown version of the FAE SRD (technically, the multimarkdown variant as it supports tables and cross-references/internal links).

Why markdown?

* I find it a better writing environment for editing text and creating derivative works. There are many online and iPad tools that support markdown.

* You can easily use source code tools to track changes from multiple authors.

* There are numerous tools that reliably convert markdown to html, pdf, doc, etc.

* I'm working on a Steampunk OZ book using FAE, and it will be using a substantial amount of FAE text under Creative Commons.

* I wanted the SRD to use the "powered by Fate" logo, dice images, the four actions, and the stress boxes that are licensed by Evil Hat, so I have exported them to .svg and .png to facilitate their use.

The text of the existing SRD source on the Evil Hat website is complete, however, some of the links and formatting in the Evil Hat SRD do not quite match the book, thus this draft of the SRD is slightly different in non-textual ways. I'm seeking a detail-oriented person with markdown experience to double-check my choices before more broadly sharing this document (probably on
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If anyone would prefer a zip file with the generated html and images, let me know.
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Christopher Allen

Fate Accelerated Edition (FAE)  - 
I'm working on collecting a number of the different variants of FAE approaches. I've created a Google doc of what I've found so far, along with who wrote what. 

What other FAE approach variants have you seen?
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I just came up with two today.

It struck me at first that most of the skills can be more or less broken down into:

This list created approaches that felt more "traditional".
Might = Fight +  Physique 
Agility = Athletics + Shoot + Sneak
Knowledge = Lore + Craft + Resource
Sense = Investigate + Notice + Will
Esteem = Provoke + Contacts
Charisma = Deceive + Rapport + Empathy

And finally for those that like alliteration:
Might - Moving and Strength
Fight - Fighting and Shooting
Delight - Relating to people and provoking
Right - Knowing Things
Sight - Sensing Things
Night - Stealthy Things
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Christopher Allen

Fate Accelerated Edition (FAE)  - 
Since the release of FAE, I have been very appreciate of its simplicity and elegance. I have also been enamored of the concept of using Approaches rather than skills or abilities. If you are "The city champion fencer" the aspect can replace having a rated skill, or the aspect "Strong as an ox" can substitute for a rated ability.

However, the list of choices in FAE don't work for me. We have been advised to "use a genre specific set if you need one", but I my problem is that these are often just renames of the base set, and I believe there are some fundamental flaws in the base set that make choosing a new set difficult. 

The base set of Approaches is Quick, Forceful, Careful, Clever, Flashy, and Sneaky.  If you compare this list with the simultaneously written "White Picket Witches" (Fate Worlds Volume 1), you'll see Brilliant, Classy, Dangerous, Savvy, Treacherous, Powerful, and Sensitive. If you read those descriptions most don't well match up with any of the FAE Approaches. This illustrates the problem.

Here are my problems with the base FAE set of approaches:

First, both Quick and Clever also imply an ability, i.e. that someone using the Quick approach is fast, or the person using the Clever approach is smart. I much prefer the others that are more neutral in ability. You can be dumb and still be Careful (probably a good survival trait) and you can be weak and still be forceful (use poison or that shiv between the ribs). Thus whatever replaces Quick and Clever should still make sense with different abilities (i.e. clearly being slow and using the Quick approach, or dumb and using the Clever approach don't work.)

Secondly, there are some cross-overs that confuse players. I find that they often say they are using Clever when the mean Careful. Or Sneaky when they mean Quick. An ideal set of Approaches should be clear and not possible to confuse with each other.

Thirdly, some Approaches are more physical and others are more mental. IMHO, every approach should be able to be use for physical, mental or social tasks. 

Finally, I feel that there may be some important missing approaches. Where does stopping and listening fit in? Is it Careful? Clever? Sneaky? In a world with magic, or psionics, or even simple intuition, where does trusting your instincts fit in?

I've inventoried almost every suggestion in the G+ Fate Core and FAE groups, as well as reviewed lots of other games that have attempted to reduce the list of stats to a small number, including Apocalypse World and many spin offs, TSOY/Solar System, and many story game RPGs.

Here is my initial list of seven Approachs — I'm not completely happy with them, but I think they covers the territory marginally better than the original FAE six approaches. My initial choice adjectives clearly isn't as evocative as I'd like and I'd love suggestions.

Assertive/Instinctive: You approach the problem with alacrity, and rely on your fast reactions to "just get it done now".

Passionate/Volatile: You approach the problem with strong emotion. You may use your strengths to physically, mentally, or socially force the result you desire; possibly brutally.

Methodical/Disciplined: You approach the problem in a systematic and orderly fashion, taking the time as needed.

Inquisitive/Exploratory: You approach the problem in a probing way; actively testing different directions and alternatives.

Cautious/Covert: You approach the problem in a more cautious or non-obvious fashion, using your abilities to be deceptive about your actions. 

Sensitive/Intuitive: You approach the problem more passively — instead focusing on using all your senses to learn more or listening to your own intuition.

Classy/Flashy: You approach the problem using you social strengths, such as charm, wealth, persuasion, beauty, or charisma.

I believe that this set addresses all four criteria for a good Approach that I addressed above.

I'd love your thoughts on this set!
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I didn't make clear in my post that I'm not proposing that specific list of 7 approaches. Instead, it would be a starting point for discovering what your game specific approaches might be. 

My tests now for what makes a good approach:

* It should function as much as possible to be independent from ability (if you like abilities, use a aspect, stunt, or one of the approach+ability hacks), i.e. you can be volatile if you are weak or strong, sensitive if you are dumb or smart.

*  Cross-overs should be clarified. sneak and careful may both be slow, but the consequences of failure or success are different.

* Ideally a good approach applies to physical, mental and social tests.

-- Christopher Allen
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Christopher Allen

Fate Accelerated Edition (FAE)  - 
What is the CC status of "White Picket Witches" by +Filamena Young? Is she a member of this group? I'd love to see they way she describes the seven skill "assets" in that hack adopted for the standard 6 FAE approaches. I'd love to also hear about her thoughts on that module and assets vs. approaches now that FAE is out.
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I hope they had insurance and off-site backups. I'm fairly low-income and I have both of those. Including replacement-level coverage. CrashPlan is a great service you can "fire and forget" and never lose a file in case of robbery or fire. It's really sad to lose kid's presents just before Christmas.
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Christopher Allen

Fate Accelerated Edition (FAE)  - 
I would love to see a shared google doc that is a unofficial FAE Toolkit. It would have FAE specific hacks, like variants of approaches for different genres, approaches as costs, approaches + abilities, offer +Rob Donoghue Tiniest Fate Hack, and my family friendly hacks from Steampunk OZ.

What else would you like to see in a FAE Toolkit?
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How to license, to monetize and  to protect the integrity of the product would be a great topic for the gathering. 
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I'm seeking a 4:3 layered map (i.e. each page shows a different layer) of a town or small city, or player vs gms map, etc. to use as a demo for an upcoming free viewer for the Infinite PDF iPad app. With Infinite PDF you can define transitions and dimensionality for each page, so you could have a layer that is the view with the roofs, gesture down to see without roofs, gesture down and see catacombs, etc. Or have the players map fade in new sections as PCs explore them. Or have GM layers.

I am publisher of RPGnet and producer of the Infinite PDF app, and besides a free copy of Infinite PDF for the iPad a small honorarium and links in the PDF back to your home page when we publish it.
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Christopher is also co-author of the book iOS 4 in Action an introduction to iPhone and iPad development, is co-founder and keynote speaker of iOS Dev Camp where he moderates the popular Hackathon Contest, has produced six iOS games at, and is currently producing for the iPad a new platform for non-linear media  called Infinite Canvas.

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