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Kelly McCormick
Growth and Marketing Strategies - Moving Businesses and Organizations Forward Faster!
Growth and Marketing Strategies - Moving Businesses and Organizations Forward Faster!
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Marketing Ideas for Small Business Saturday

Here are some of my marketing ideas to promote your retail or service business on Small Business Saturday.

#Marketing #SmallBusiness #SmallBusinessSaturday 

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Great Calls to Action to Use on Facebook

+Brooke B. Sellas  has put together a terrific list of calls to action for Facebook. 

#facebookmarketing   #smallbusiness   #smallbiz  

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Visual Content Marketing Ideas

84% of communication will be visual by 2018. The average person gets distracted in 8 seconds. Now is the time to learn more about visual marketing. Check out +Pam Moore 's article and podcast.

#marketing   #video   #visualmarketing    

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Who Must Lead in Employee Engagement?

Beyond the who of leading, who also must lead in employee engagement.  +Leanne Hoagland-Smith  continues to examine and provide some practical suggestions to this very expensive problem for #SMB


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Pick Your Word for 2016 and Watch Everything Change

+Leanne Hoagland-Smith and I had a discussion about choosing a 'Mantra' word for 2016. She took it one step further. Leanne also built a check-in process to make sure her actions were in alignment with her 'Mantra' word. Check out the results she's already produced for her business!

#goalsetting   #businesstips   #marketing  

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Great Way to Get Website Traffic

Read how pdf documents can get you Google PageRank.  Great tips from +Ana Hoffman

#seo #Marketing

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These 3 Actions Get Him Clients

This is a true story of how a business uses a simple and inexpensive method to get new clients. 

#marketingstrategy   #smallbusiness   #smallbiz  

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12 Signs Your Website Redesign Could End In Catastrophe

If you're thinking about redesigning or getting a new website, check out these tips!

#webdesign   #marketing   #smallbusiness  

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How to Use the New LinkedIn Mobile App

+Viveka von Rosen shows you how to get the most out of the new LinkedIn mobile app. 

#linkedin   #b2bmarketing  

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How to Get the Word Out When Nominated for An Award

I've shared some of my own tips in this article by +Small Business Trends 

#Marketing   #socialmedia   #promotion  
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