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User Device Affinity (UDA) in C#
With the demise of Silver Light, you might want to keep it just so you can do UDA for the users.  Well here is some code you can use to create a webpage, much like I did to go around that issue. Here is some straight code: First you need to search for the u...

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What is Managed Mobile Convergence and why is it important to my business?
Managed Mobile Convergence is the ability to manage a mobile
device, desktops or even servers as the same machine.  Think of as treating everyone the same not matter what!!   Let’s outline some definitions because as the
lines blur so do the meaning. Mobile...

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BIOS Report for Dell and HP
When moving to Windows 10, you need to ensure that you have the BIOS up-to-date as to not have issues with UEFI or any other component.  Use these SQL statements to create your BIOS reports. I am only trying to look at Workstation models and not servers.  H...

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Windows 10 Model Check Dell and HP
Dell ( ) and HP ( ) both have blogs on the Models that have been tested and support Wi...

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Software Updates that require multiple reboots
Ever have the problem of a software update installing only to find out that you need the next one and the next one.  By the time you are finished it has required several restarts. This can cause a problem for your users if they are restarting every day or l...

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Report to help find collections a machine is in
All we really care about is the Collection ID, Name and the Comment section.  We could add more but this is a quick report to help us find the machine.  select  C.CollectionID,  C.Name,  C.Comment from  dbo.v_Collection C  join dbo.v_FullCollectionMembershi...

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Auto Approve Cross Forest Machines
Are you working with machines from another forest that you need to approve in SCCM? As a good security practice you should only Auto Approve machines in your own domain. If you are merging or pulling in other machines you don't want to manually approve the ...

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1E - Nomad, creating Pre-cache command file
While working on a project, I needed to cache a set of files but I didn't want to run the standard pre-cache process on multiple packages for a single machine and wait the standard time. Step in PowerShell and the SMSNomad command.  SMSNomad is used to call...

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When to use Prestage content to force a package status
You look in the Monitoring node and notice your package is still pending on the DP Monitoring Package Status node in The SCCM console In Progress: The content for package XXXXXXXXX have not yet arrived from the source site XYZ Distribution Manager will try ...

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Why manage Mobile Devices?
There are many blogs and news articles about which solution
is better but very few talk about the Why?   Let’s not start into the debate of the BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) question.   Let’s look more fundamentally at the “why”
part. Companies are anxious a...
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