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Have you ever been to Gyeongju?
      I visited Gyeongju with my family. In Gyeongju, there are royal tombs of Silla Dynasty.   나는 가족과 함께 경주에 갔었어요. 경주에는 신라시대의 왕릉이 있어요.       There are many sights to see in Gyeongju. or Gyeongju has many sightseeing attractions.   경주는 구경할 곳이 많다.     I reco...

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I live in korea. About me
  Welcome!   Photographer + Writer + Mom + Traveler + Korean Teacher   I started Mom's Diary Of a Trip in korea. It's a good way to advertise what I'm doing.         MARRIED SINCE : March 1, 2010   TRAVELING THE WORLD SICE : June 16, 2008 Visiting 2 countri...

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If you have a question for me?
        I can answer question about me or korea & korean language~   Please ask me   e-mail : eun1805          

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Vietnamese are riding a motorbike.
                  Five years ago, I went to at the Incheon International Airport. I want to go to Australia. I was live in Australia for 15days.   It's was happy memories. My family are planning to go to Australia next year.     I transferred at Vietnam for...

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        Parking Facilities : Not available (near by       조용히 해 주세요. [jo-yong-hi hea ju-sye-yo] Shsssssss for silence, please!!!!                        한식뷔페 13,900원 (평일런치) [han-sik bu-pe] Korean Cuisine Buffet 13,900won (weekday lunch)    

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blog kit for free design
        I made blog design.            

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Seoul Children's Grand Park
    Korea have a four seasons. It is a beautiful country with distinctive seasons. Fall season is my favotite season.   Seoul is famous city in Korea.  If you have children? I suggest you go for your travel   Children's Grand Park the name of the place.    ...

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How to add pin button?
I'm now tring..        

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lasy year..
      작년 처음 학예발표회를 마친 우리딸..잘했어 ^-^ last year, my daugther has presentation.
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