I cannot promise you
a life of sunshine,
I cannot promise riches,
wealth, or gold,
I cannot promise you
an easy pathway
That leads away from change
or growing old,
But …..
I can promise
all my heart?s devotion,
A smile to chase away
your tears of sorrow,
A love that?s ever true
and ever growing,
A hand to hold in yours
through each tomorrow,
Two loving arms to shelter
and protect you,
The knowledge that I need you
more than ever,
And all the happiness
that love can give you
As, hand in hand,
we walk through life together..!!
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Nice!!!& Touching
i cannot promise be a pencil to write ur happiness........but I will be a nice rubber to erase all ur sadness & sorrows...........:)
A Khan
i love you
I promise to give you a smile that will
kick out sorrow from your life forever.
This is true love, but does anybody deserve this in today world??
Hahahaha.....I think I sould go fine someone to love now....
do you want a swettie little girl no i just want a fuck
This one is floating around too much. Derivative. Hallmark card. Yawn.
Hope someone loves......... me like this..hmmm..
ab to dil nikal kar tumhare kadmo main reakh diya ab to mere ho jao
+ disgusting for me, if i had a boyfriend, i will like this picture.
When you are in love you are like an Eagle flying free in the space feeling free and full of good memories.
Sweet, but ONLY a . . . it. U ain't gotta lie 2 kick it. LoL... u want it, I LoV it

now this is awsome...........cath the vision
I don't want you, cook my bread,
I don't want you, make my bed,
I don't want your money too,
I just wanna make love to you.

I don't want you, be no slave,
I don't want you, work all day,
I don't want you to be sad and blue,
I just wanna make love to you.

Hahaha.....it looks like it.lol.nah joke it's sssssssoooooo ccccuuuutttttttteeeee.wish that was me.lol.ohu well maybe next time it will be me hahaha....that will be in ten years time.....hahaha.<3
True Feelings of a lover.....Nice
love is a greate medicine of a heart patient
Love is the only thing that is loved by everbody..It is a divine feeling when your lover is being romantic to you. this picture is so romantic.
Love is totaly forgetting expect your love
wanting youto love me islikewanting asnow in a summer
Cut out the promises will never happen...

Just love and do it even for a moment or a second in time is what the world starving...

first time i see .i don't thought you have many weigt
sorry i will not speack english wall but it is a great thought
Very nice I'm stealing this lol 
Love is a good thing.
Unconditional and superb.....But say who
passion to entwine with a beautiful rose to enjoy the blossum of a beautiful rose is my hearts desire for a life of heavenly matramony.
No riches, wealth, or gold? I need at least one.
Most of love stories start this way and you all know what is a hand in hand after that @LOL
love is life! sorry I'm just copying everyone else
have you ever tried to eat galz while wearing undies..woohh taste goooood!
love comes without warning
it is the one force that can unit,
the fool and the scientist
the prince and the pauper,
it can strike with the force of a broadsword,
or the impact of a feather,
all one can really say is love is.
Ripp off!!!! This is a song by Winfield Clark, look it up!
Ha dit is een mooie tekst en den mooi liedje liefs geertje
No don't! They all run off with a wealthy jerk.
yes.cant pomise anything.hi.hi.hii
I will believe it if you say it after 20 years of marriage.
being truly in love with some one is a special and an amazing feeling.....u r ready to make every promise, every sacrifice....Wow!! what a beautiful relation...
I cannot promise you beyond my reach but certainly the promise to try...
In real life the ladies go for the, " let me be a douche to you for 3 years and you'll never break up with me"
+Patrick Schmitz Some women are dumb enough to go for that, true. But some of us realize that douches are exactly that- selfish insecure losers who don't know the value of a real partner.
chocolate jaisa dikh raha hai .. ladki to kha degi
simply beautiful! shows that LOVE has no label..
What a heart felt poem
remember the song so good to b true?!!!
There is love in everything, if you look hard enough 
munju s
luckey couple to have found love...
I needed this with all that I'm feeling and going thru right now so thanks... Very beautiful n poetic... ^_^
wow thats amazing all the troble ive been put through since i moved is so hard and this just makes me feel so relived that all the stress turns out good :D
love is a feeling, a man who forget himself and always think her lover
Why is this crap on my computer? Who put it there? please go away.
Very heart warming and skillfully written
thats amazing!!! i wish i can be thta good
yeah ,forever " seen ad hearing claim keep silent pass through over attact ruling came
I need the man who loves me to immediately take me into his arms and make me his wife.
nice and so sweat...........................
They are just words.. we can say a lot with words, but reality is different
True love is better not give empty promises, action is more realistic. cheers!
it is too nice to express.
Is it true??? can we see true love tes days?????
Translate it in Hindi.U will find that HINDI MOVIES use this as a dialog very often.Its a good one to woo somebody.
I heard many words befor , but this very fantastic , can love you without to see you!
Love giving with 200% sincerity is easy, but one should make sure that you are 'receiving it too' atleast in some percentage deep from heart  with all smiles - not by expressions - but in real sense.....And this never happens in all cases. It is life and life is like that.....
+shaik yasmeen
Have a good bank balance....let the other know about it....and you will find it any time. Real dedicated biaseless LOVE is always a dream, normally remains unfulfilled, despite your best efforts, bhai. Jai Ramji Ki....
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