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I hope the people who don't know the real meaning of love reads this..!!!
yes ture ... first learn to love your self then share to other.
very very true especially when love is between a mother and son or daughter and father
Yeahhhhh, thats right,,,,,,,,,,............
love is essential but it hurts sometimes....
love parents , love studies love job are essential./ but love is mere porgery.... dont loose your heart before settling in life...
You can only love, some more than others..
luv is like anything closer to your life i love you of guyhz
also itz a thing that put into darkness!
Aww that's so cute I wish someone would give me something like this
Rock hard!!! and remain young =-Þ
huh i wrote something similar to this for my boyfriend. (I'm bisexual)
love is the closest thing we have to magic.keep love alive.
Yes...truely written... i give all my love to my friends and family!!!
soo true if u have love hold it close
tht is very beautiful ...life is wat u make it !!
love is not a feeling, love is a decision ... decide to love now
its beautiful nd truely written
yes................................i miss..................
yah, its realy true, so .let follow.
the verse says it all
If a person does not love and respect him/herself, the person is not capable of loving others. First you have to like yourself before you can like others.

Liking is different from respecting. i.e., You can dislike someone and still respect them if you respect yourself.
Aww that's so sweet if only most couples knew that. Only those couples that stay together until there old and gray and are truely in love and truely happy. =D
this is so cute but i want to love and i do love this guy but he doesnt want to return love to me he thinks im not good enough so now i want to kill myself.....lol...jk
Once the pure one hits you, you'll surely go upside down... But it's all worth it! At least you experienced life... 
stop that for u do that foreal girl!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!JK THAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
i wouoldnt but he has made me very depreest
Love never disappointed our life, but our life always do that. It's like fill an empty broken glass that is never end up.
i'm sorry for that +kaylynn davis i also like somebody..but he doesn't want to return it..just like you..so i just let him know how much i love him..he know but doens't like me.. :'(
No such thing as love
well even though im in 7th grade i love him but i have for over a year and he means a lot to me even though he hates my guts which pisses me off
love always hurts
love not give happyness
same here i dont believe in love it just ruins ur life
some people abuse love to much where it gets other people second guessing ;(
Monty E
What a terribly misanthropic quote
then i guess i will miss life because how can you love when nobody loves you?:(
agnes-love is from the bottom of your heart u are so sweet
if u respect urself do learn to respect others
meh, "love's" shit... :L it's just being needy and weak tbh... xD
close but not quite without love life just isnt enjoyable
that is so true because i have experience that and it freaking sucks
love is essential I got lots of love and still getting love from my parents & friends............!!!!
Bad grammar. That should read, This is so true, i wish i didnt know how true.
That is adorable and very true ow lovely made me go Orrr sooooo cute !!!!!! X lol
Only Love can changes anybodies life.
I am gonna lose my reputation for flowing this
so beutiful i cry now lolololool
really heart is innocent.........
There is no forever.... see da statistics of divorce in da U.S lol rilly bad so ders no forever in love or actual love jus caring confused with love....
love is the erection on my pants
..im pitching a tent right now
nothing gets me torqued like some yankee candles, prease
munju s
it is better to have loved and lost than to have never loved at all
it is better to spell essential correctly.
someone has a fucken atatude hows that grab ya
I guess im missing life cuz my love is gone
When you know the true meaning of pain within, only then you will know the true meaning of love.
100% true LOVE IS THE BEST
My view is that Love is the most powerful force in the universe. It's followed up by the human will. I will love. :D
I dont know anymore bout love im tired of looking I had it once thought it would be forever but he passed away I just given up on the whole thing...
Thanks lots for liking my comment 
STFU, with your life, and smash or pass -__-
its comes heart from sound lub dub
wow,what a beautiful picture.
you r right but love become true
well love is what makes bitches hate you more.but love it
Love is the essence of life and the soul... whether we realise it or not.
wen you love u make everyone around u feel lift out. i love making ppl feel left out
What a beatiful, juat reminded me of my husband so I texted him lol :)
that is so true in a cute way .............
Smita S
sometime its better to live without love than to live in "pain"
Love is sweet if it's clean !
so totally tru especially at a young age if ppl say your to young to love then they have never loved at all
Love means Life if you learn to give Love without expecting something back
u miss to spell the essential correctly... :)
Yes Love is life and if u have love u have everything 
Share my dreams.......
Share my pain.....
The different faces of love my friend.......
this is true...even though love can be hard to find and at sometimes its hard to hold on to love but no matter how hard it gets if its meant to be than in the end it will all work out...even if you get broken hearted </3 don't give up there is always love out there, who knows that special someone for you could be right around the corner..love overcomes every challenge as long as you don't give up
i love seema jaan in india
why is love essental? why cant we be happy alone?
of course ladys can become crazy from lonlyness...like the crzy cat lady! 0_0
Cleo K
that's true, i would like a little romance every once in a while
love DIFFERS ... there is equelent word also powerful word AFFECTION// that is so important... love in the teen age mere BOGUS .. DONT LIVE TO LOVE
...and life is living. It's very special.
new coment and new pose of the pass on my id in trnasfer and this poster is also post to me my timeline pls
i m with u dude , that true love is blind
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