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When the day has been long
and the troubles last into the night
All you’ve gotta do is smile
and everything is suddenly alright

When I feel the weight of the world
upon my shoulders
and let things get under my skin
All you’ve gotta do is smile
and I’m ready try once again

When words or actions of another bring me down
Or if I’m feeling pretty low
All you’ve gotta do is smile
and I know I’m not alone

When I’m hard on myself
and find it difficult to believe in me
All you’ve gotta do is smile
and I know I can accomplish anything

Your smile does so many things
it brightens up my day
Your smile is like a promise
that things will be okay

Your smile is all I really need
to ease fear, disappointment or doubt
Your smile lightens my heart
and it’s something I never want to be without
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I Wanna Tell This To You,
I Had Never Cared For Someone As
I Do For You,

I Wanna Tell This To You,
You Are My Heart And My Soul Too,

I Wanna Tell This To You,
You Had Shown Me A Different
World A Different Path To Go,

I Wanna Tell This To You...
You Make A Difference To Me..

I Wanna Tell This To You...
I Am Nothing Without You...

I Wanna Tell This To You... Few
Expressions Cant Be Expressed In

I Wanna Tell This To You...
My Heart Is Beating And Its
Beating For You...

I Wanna Tell This To You...
I LOVE U....
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Hey Guyz,

I am back again... Heartily sorry to all... I was juz busy in my work so that's y i can't gave that much time to my page. But, now i am back again... Now u will get daily notifications and messages 4m this page.. So guyz, please be with me and give me ur support.

I will once again want to this page rocks. So please be with me....

Thxxxxxxxxxx to all to support me till now... Cheersssssss.. Now get ready for the blast.
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The Poet is back. Such a busy bee.
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I want to kiss you at nightfall once again.
I want to kiss your lips tonight again
and taste the glory of your breath again.

I want to get drunk with the wine of your mouth
and to get lost in the unpublished ways of your soul.

I want to kiss your cheerful eyes at midnight once again
when the moon of the summer spills its light on the beach
and the soft rumor of the waves that die in the sand
whisper our names... smoothly.

I want to kiss your drowsy eyes under the light of first sunbeam
while the morning breeze wraps us slowly in a hug
in the solitude of our beach.

I want to fall asleep kissing you subtly another time
and wake up to half-day in the paradise of your embrace
and believe that I am still dreaming!
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Love has nothing to do with
the five senses and the six directions:
its goal is only to experience
the attraction exerted by the Beloved.
Afterwards, perhaps, permission
will come from God:
the secrets that ought to be told with be told
with an eloquence nearer to the understanding
that these subtle confusing allusions.
The secret is partner with none
but the knower of the secret:
in the skeptic's ear
the secret is no secret at all.
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My Everything

Of all my loves this is the first and last
Like a flower alone in the morning grass
You are my sun, my stars, my night and day
My daffodil, my rose, my sweet bouquet
You're my sunrise, my sunset, to forever endure
My world, my life, my breath, my future
You're my connection, my union, us together divine
My reason, my being, my temple, my shrine
You're my universe, my heaven, my love eternal
My General, my Admiral, my Major, my Colonel
You're my last Autumn leaf when the rest are gone
My girlfriend, my woman since ere I was born
You're my light in the dark, my warmth in winter
My inspiration, my hope, my rock, my thinker
You're my opera, my orchestra, my one and only song
My energy, my soul, my reason to stay strong
You're my spirit, my essence, my body, my mind
My Venus, my Saturn, my planets aligned
You're my fire when it's cold, my warm morning breeze
My butterfly, my ladybird, my birds, my bees
You're my beginning, my end, my seed that I sow
My start, my finish, my reason to grow
You're my forest, my trees, my snow covered mountain
My nectar, my essence, my one gushing fountain
You're my hopes, my pulse, the blood in my veins
My alpha, my beta, my omega, my aims
You're my sea, my land, my babbling brook
My cries, my laughter, my lover, my sook
You're my ocean, my river, my ripple on stream
My thoughts, my heart, for none else I need dream.
You're my bad, my good, my sadness, my sin
You're my Lyn, my Lyn, my Lyn, my Lyn.
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So sweet your love...
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♥When I talk with YOU , I know the meaning of understanding.. ...

♥When I laugh with YOU , ... I know the meaning of happiness...... ..

♥When I touch YOU , I know the meaning of togetherness... ..

& ♥Whenever I'm with YOU , I know the meaning of love..... —
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+Isabel Meng الووو
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You're my special love beyond compare,
A star shining above the rest,
I desire for you to be aware,
To me you're the absolute best,

I need you near me everyday,
To make my life much better,
I need your soft lips to press against mine,
your soft arms wrapped around me tightly,

I try to find the words,
To express the feeling in my heart,
I try to show you that I care,
but I don't know where to start,

I guess I'll start right here,
and I guess I'll start right now,
I'll tell you that I love you,
and I'll tell you why and how,

You are the one who brightens my day,
with your smile bright and glowing,
You are the one whom I wake up for,
each and every morning,

As I look into your eyes,
It's hard for me to say,
My love and care grows,
With each passing day,

With my heart's passion,
And feelings so true,
I can't help but say,
I'm in love with you,

So, when I say I Love you,
I mean it from the bottom of my heart,
You've healed me when I was so sick,
I believe you're in me, not far apart.
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Ive been told to thank you on behalf of the person we both know well. The flowers for his birthday were nice. You dont need to hide and send him a bouquet on his postbox without any name. He knows it must have been you.
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When you say ‘bye’..
I still wait for another msg ..

when you turn around..
I still wait for another
hug ..

When you look at me…
I close my eyes…

I still wait
for another kiss ..

Even after spending a day wid you…

I still wait for
another tomorrow
I Love you..

and my ‘waiting’ says that I want Our Love to last

I Care Because I Love You
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But the moment is a little while and the best and unique real is the love is we should to choose always any else is wasted time
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I never really know how you feel
I can't read your mind
I just keep waiting ...
Take me to your heart
Show me where to start
Let me play the part of your first love.

Oh, I know down deep you love me
But are you ever gonna love me
The way I love you?

I want be the wind that fills your sail
Be the hand that lifts your veil
Be the moon that moves your tides
The sun coming up in your eyes
Be the spark that lights you up
All that you've been dreaming of
And more ... so much more
I want be your everything!
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love all
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Deep In My Heart

I've carved your name deep into my memory
that you live in the depth of my soul
I've engraved it in my unpublished thoughts
to adorn the pages of my life.

I've thawed your name into my veins
to flow to my heart in the silence of the night
I have kept your name like harvest songs
and I remember it with tears of nostalgia.

Sometimes with the future in my eyes
I write your name with the ink of happiness
with a longing that begins and ends with the color of hope
thus, decorated with the purest feelings
it fills my soul with the breeze of love's bliss.

Oh, like a picture,
I've framed your name with autumnal passion
put it on the window's sill of my soul
a little window that looks to the sea of desires
to look gloriously beautiful all year round.

Many a time I strain my mind
just to touch your breath
Some days I curve my glance
to catch just a glimpse of you
All because somewhere deep in my heart
there is a spot no finger has ever touched
It is a place reserved for you and you alone.
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U r very med ufffffffffffff........... .
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Hey Guys,

Follow me on Twitter now. My Twitter ID :@Vijay_agrawal90
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Wrote Your Name In The Sand,
But The Wavez Washed It Away..

I Wrote Your Name On Ma Hand,
But Washed It The Next Day...

I Wrote Your Name
On A Piece Of Paper,
But I Accidentally Threw It Away...

I Wrote Your Name In Ma Heart,
Forever It Will Stay As Long
I Live ..!!
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Very nice i miss all time for your love feeling.
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