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paanimart KENT,Nasaka,ZERO B Water purifiers

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RO Plant manufacturers, Ro plant dealers, RO plant service provider, RO plant installation in Bangalore. View more at:
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3G Aqua Water Conditioner Natural Water Conditioning System
The 4G-AQUA (Natural Water Conditioning System) is a cast catalytic converter composed of a element alloy of noble and semi-noble metals which is installed in your water line. As water flows through the 4G-AQUA (Natural Water Conditioning System) device electrons are added to the water, completing missing electrons in the constituent elements of the minerals. The electro-physical changes in the minerals neutralise the scale producing properties of materials such as silica, alumina and calcium sulphate. No longer adhering to the pipes and equipment, the mineral particles continue to flow through the system. The 4G-AQUA core alloy is non-ferrous, resistant to rusting and corrosion, non-toxic and ecologically safe. 4G-AQUA (Natural Water Conditioning System) is designed for removing lead and soluble heavy metals. They are also used for controlling scale. It is used to Prevention and Elimination of scale. SINCE THERE ARE NO MOVING PARTS, NO TIMERS, OUR 4G-AQUA NEVER NEEDS SALT, ELECTRICITY, NO RESINS. NO CHEMICALS OR MAINTENANCE! View more at:
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Which is the best RO water purifier in India?
Based on the water hardness and input quality of the water we advise our customer to buy best suitable RO water purifiers for their home?
If the TDS level of the water is less than 300 they can buy any of these RO water purifier.
Best  RO Water Purifiers for <300 TDS
1) Essel Nasaka  Minjet 12 stage water purifier.
2) Zero B Eco RO
3) Essel Nasaka 10 stage RO water purifier.
4) Aquguard Reviva NF
5) Kent Pride water purifier
Best RO Water purifiers for >300 TDS and <2000 TDS
1) Essel Nasaka Minjet 12 stage RO water purifier.
2) Essel Nasaka Minjet 11 stage RO water purifier.
3) OWN RO water purifier
4) Aquaguard Total Protect Plus
5) Aquaguard Genius
6) Kent Grand Plus
7) Livpure RO water purifier.

For more details please check and compare best RO water purifiers at
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Best Water purifiers in Bangalore
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Alkaline Water Filter System: A Boon For Health
Health Benefits From Ionized Water:
Ionized water is light water, very easy to drink. It is pure, fresh, strength, life enhancing and delicious. It is like as if drinking pure water from the high Himalayas or the Alps on tap. Here you will see following benefits of Ionized Water:

(a)It is a Powerful antioxidant: Ionized water is the hydroxyl ions in the ionized water neutralize free radicals. It seeks out free radicals which causes damage to our cells and body. It prevents premature aging. Ionized water gives energy to your body by providing with more oxygen.

(b)It Improves Metabolism Rate In Body: Ionized water is more effective than ordinary water as it removes acid wastes from your body, which causes Toxemia, the root cause of cancer. By drinking plenty of ionized water regularly can flush out all toxins.

(c)It Provides Deep Hyderation: Ionized water is up to six times more hydrating than conventional water. it allows the water to penetrate deeply and hydrating all the cells in your body because of the   smaller size of the water clusters. It contains only five to six water molecules per cluster instead of the ten to thirteen that conventional water molecules cluster have.

(d)It Prevents Aging: Ionized water prevents early aging. It rejuvenates skin deeply and makes you feel younger. It prevents skin texture

(e)It Strengthens Immune System: Drinking Alkaline Ionized water helps body better to deal with disease. It Promotes Higher levels of energy as the body’s systems come better into balance.

Various Uses Of Ionized Water/Alkaline Water
Ionized water is used in making beverages as it enhances flavors and taste of tea and coffee
It Removes pesticides, fertilizer and other harmful effects from soaked fruits and vegetables
It enhances the natural taste of rice. Rice tastes better and does not turn sour
It sterilizes plates and cup while dishwashing
It prolongs life span of cot flower
It is used for antiseptic and sterilization purposes.
It has antiseptic healing property.
Its alkaline property cure cancer to flourish in body 
It conditions the hair leaving them soft and smooth
It effectively removes plaque from teeth
Preventable diseases from alkaline water.
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ZERO B water purifiers in Bangalore
ZERO B Water purifier
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