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Reading Room JOURNEY INTO MYSTERY "Return of the Martian!"
Yesterday we brought you "The Martian Who Stole My Body" ... ...and now, we continue his saga with a never-reprinted adventure! Hmmm. A seemingly-invincible Martian invader who had no resistance to our Earthly diseases. Sound familiar? Yeah, those Martians....

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Reading Room JOURNEY INTO MYSTERY "Martian Who Stole My Body!"
The new Monsters Unleashed miniseries continues this week... ...with a Klassic Kirby Kreature who appeared twice! Poor Zetora . Not only did this tale from Atlas' Journey into Mystery #57 (1960), reprinted in Marvel's Fear #7 (1972), not get a cover appeara...

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Reading Room KING OF FUTURIA "To the Futur(ia)"
Can a 20th Century man prove superior to his 30th Century descendants? Read on..and discover the startling answer! Much like Buck Rogers , Dick Devens used his military skills (long forgotten in the future) to assist the humans of the time period he was now...

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YOUNG ROMANCE "Full Hands, Empty Heart"
There are very few black romance stories in comics before the 1990s... ..and even fewer interracial romance stories during this tumultuous period in American racial relations! Note: On some pages Phyllis' skin is gray and on some it's brown. That's because ...

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Valentine's Day Special: MARGIE "Elusive Valentine!"
Here's a never-reprinted Valentine's Day treat... ...from 71 years ago, featuring a teen humor character from the company that later became Marvel Comics ! Until the mid 1970s when Archie Comics became the sole "teen humor" publisher, every company had seve...

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Reading Room AMAZING ADVENTURES "Adonis 2-PX-89"
Our Valentine's Day entry is a weird combo of sci-fi and humor... Art by Allen Anderson ...which was probably written by the man who created the Clark Kent/Superman/Lois Lane love/hate triangle... This cover story from Ziff-Davis' Amazing Adventures #4 (195...

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SPACE ADVENTURES "A Better World than Ours"
A never-reprinted tale with roots in Western (ie European, not Wild West) culture... ...particularly the repressive 18th-19th centuries! This Joe Gill -scripted and Eccio -rendered tale from Charlton's Space Adventures V2N8 (1969) has it's roots in exhauste...

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REACH FOR HAPPINESS "Episode 26" Part 2
When Last We Left Our Heroine, Karen ... looks like Karen will finally be with Greg as his fiance Rita remains in her coma! Is it too good to be true? Or will something else come between the star-crossed lovers? You didn't really think Rita was going ...

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What Predicament Does Karen Find Herself in Now? Luckily, the story contains its' own built-in synopsis page! Will Karen's love be enough? What would happen if Rita woke up? Next Week: The Most Unexpected Plot Twist of All! This chapter of "Reach for Happin...

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LOVE STORIES "That Special Man"
Romance comics were experiencing a slow death spiral in the early 1970s... ...with DC cancelling books one-by-one until only this generically-titled book remained! This Art Saff/Vince Colletta-illustrated tale from DC's generically-titled Love Stories #152 ...
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