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So I'm in a quandary, thanks to a boneheaded decision one of my players recently made using the Soul Exchange spell, a conjured monster, and a (somewhat) friendly allied dwarf Npc currently asleep thanks to a curse. Player just loved the idea that he could get their cursed ally back in play with an even more powerful body (dwarf is a Warrior-Fighter-Weaponsmaster, and the monster is Huge), but hasn't realized the monster was summoned (and thus is gone after a minute). So my question is, do conjured monsters count as mortal? Do they have souls? Nothing in the write up for the spells in question make it clear one way or another, landing it squarely in GM decision territory.

So I'm finally hitting the home-stretch of my run of "Tales of the Demon Lord" campaign, it taking a year or so to get them from 0 to 7th (fair warning, potential spoilers ahead on that and some of the other adventures that have been put out for SotDL). I modified it a bit with other scenarios (again, spoilers, and also, not playing in Rul but a home brew setting), so my final play list so far has been:

0: the Slaver's Lash
1: Born to Die
2: The Curious Case of the Errant Swine
3: Temple of Shadows
4: The Gorgon's Tears
5: Mines of Madness
6: Last One Standing

I'd actually started with two groups, but one had a Near-TPK running through the Mines of Madness, so the one survivor joined with the other group to complete it. I'd actually inverted Last One Standing much earlier, but the gang kept putting the main plot for it off, preferring to dabble in the factional conflict for side -jobs, resulting in the actual resolution getting entertainingly weird (they'd sided with the Gorgon in "Tears" and were working to get rid of all the factions by then, but by that point the Cult had become rife with Vampires thanks to a retired PC vampire working for Lucritia while the rebels had all become werewolves - again, thanks to a retired pic skinchanger; same player had a habit of sending off characters he was bored with to make my life interesting). By the time they got to "Last One Standing" it made sense to take the misprint from the earlier release, keeping what was supposed to be a Rot-maiden a Nymph trapped in the water treatment plant (which the pcs promptly attempted to murder-hobo their way through, cutting through her like a hot knife through butter). The Nymph managed to snag one of the pcs and escape with her life, replacing them with a changeling.

So now I'm gearing up for the endgame, and rather than run them in order I've decided to kick off all four of the final TotDL at once (more precisely, give the leads for all of them to the party once they hit 7th, and let them decide in what order they'd like to tackle things, not unlike how we handled the Expert level adventures). Thus they are stumbling through a strange supernatural fog that has enveloped the city to investigate the Mayor's murder in Gavels, but have just been accosted by a pair of Furies intent on dragging the pc Clockwork Occultist back to Hell (looking at the scenario "Prince of Darkness", I decided the lead-in Npc was way too much like our own pc Clockwork, so I hooked it all on him and cut out the middle-man). The changeling replacement has since fallen apart, and - though they don't know it yet, the Nymph that carried off their comrade has since become the Hag responsible for all the fog (thus as a bonus, they can rescue the kidnapped pc when they complete "Shadows in the Mist").

I suspect they'll leave "Off the Rails" for last, given it has the least crisis-leading elements of the lot, so I'm planning on merging it with the scenario "Last Train to Darksville" to spice it up for their level 10 adventure.

So I recently started up a campaign for Shadow using TSR's old Birthright setting (I am bemusedly calling it "Birthright of the Demon Lord"). Given it's a Game of Thrones style game of rivalries, I'm playing with a pool of about 25 players who by and large act in the interests of their domain individually but gather groups to deal with the occasional adventures.

This last weekend I had my first two groups do their starter adventures, with 5 players tackling "Dead by Dawn" and 3 doing "The Witching Wood." To balance out granting them a little extra power through bloodline abilities and such (the funky power element from Birthright) I had thought a good balance would be to only allow Commoners to make use of Fortune, but one death in the first game and two in the second has since disabused me of this notion, so I'm looking into other ways to balance the game for normal characters (granting non-blooded heroes a second Fortune, or a roll on a table of bonus talents for mundanes perhaps?). I need to decide soon though, as I have 3-5 more groups to go before everyone can claim 1st level.


It's official! I'll be running the following at BigBadCon this October:

"Smokey died for your sins!" (A Starting level scenario for SotDL/Godless)

It is after the fall of the the world you knew. Earth is an apocalyptic hellscape of mutants, demons, monsters, and doomsday cults. Magic? That may be real. Not as real as that gun in your hand. And if that crazy hermit is to be believed, there is a great shadow of dark inhuman evil spreading across the land.

You don't care about that. You just want to survive another day. Perhaps the remnants of this nature reserve wasn't the best choice though. Who knew it was infested with feral Boy Scouts? Deranged Park Rangers? Or worse, the furry blood-hungry God of the Wood they serve.

So I'm not sure of this has been discussed, but can you as a Priest use your Prayer ability on yourself? It reads to me that the intent is to use it to buff your allies, but the way it is writen leaves room for argument that as a Priest is within range of himself he can thus Pray for himself as well. Thoughts?

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Just finished up the "Mines of Madness" scenario from TotDL and while it wasn't quite a tpk, it did end with the classic "and only I alone survived to tell the tale" moment.

I had special fun constructing the Cartull Queen. The nerrative of the pics pretty much covers them stumbling in to meet her, and how it ended (Orc Warrior turned into mist, Hobgoblin running for his life with a swarm of drones hot on his heels, everyone else dead or dying on the ground with bugs happily chewing on their corpses as they bleed out).
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One of the things I love about SotDL is the new citters, unique to the game. Downside is if you want to do minis, you gotta get creative. And so, I present to you the Oculus!
Beware the Oculus!
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So I've seen mentioned in discussions here that there is a boon or bane cap of 6, but I've never seen it in the rules. What page is that written on in core? Or am I mistaken and there is no such rule? (Not wanting to get caught up on the veracity of such a rule, just trying to confirm it's existence)

How restrictive is Iron Vulnerability and similar restrictions for Goblins/Changelings/Elves/Fey magic etc? Can characters get away with just "wearing gloves" and similar cloth barriers? Or is it more substantive, like kryptonite?

I have an Elf Rogue Fey tradition user who also is running about insisting on being a gunslinger, so I'm struggling with how much (if at all) I need to reign her in.

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Wish me luck. My Thursday crew are in the tail end of "The Curious Case of the Errant Swine" and should be meeting the lovely, talented, Alluring Statue tonight.
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