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Miguel Lopez
Live Long and Trust No One But The Force
Live Long and Trust No One But The Force


Previously on #AgentsOfSHIELD ...

Home, much later than usual. Less than 45 mins until #OnceUponATime and #AgendsOfSHIELD ... I need to hurry up with dinner.

Let us praise the arrival of the weekend! We shall go home and celebrate by not doing anything remotely productive, starting now...

Someone in a meeting: You made a good point.
Everyone (even the person that made the point): Really??
Me: Can you pretend we never heard the point and elaborate?

Call me crazy but I need ice cream.

A massage chair! A massage chair! My kingdom for a massage chair!

People around me complaining that ppl share too much on FB, and me here resharing that. #ohtheirony

Lunch meeting has suddenly taken shape.

Arriving at work, first in my area. Yes, I expect some sort of medal for this.
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