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Got these badboys for when I'm feeling ballsy and might cut my finger. #SoExtreme

Hi G+ I haven't seen you in a while


Can I control how many posts I see in my feed from a certain community? I'm seeing way too much crap from one source and not nearly enough from the others. 

I do this thing where I'm like "okay, I'm going to start using Google+ more!" ...and I do for like a week.

Then I forget to check it again for four months.

So, how's everyone doing?

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Want to write for +Android Police?

I'm looking for a competent candidate with excellent communications skills and lots of experience writing about and tinkering with Android, preferably due to having worked for another Android or tech blog.

The position is freelance, so you'd be able to work remotely in your underpants if you so desire. We routinely need to cover 2x the amount of material we have manpower for, and I want to beef up our staff.

You will have the opportunity to review various hardware down the road, travel to conferences, like CES, MWC, and I/O, and generally become a full member of the AP team.

I'm primarily looking in the U.S. for travel proximity reasons, but my experience does prove that there are plenty of eligible candidates outside the U.S. (have you seen what +Rita El Khoury brings to the table, for example?), so I'm not going to rule out a possibility of non-U.S. folks getting accepted.

Bonus points for having experience with graphic design tools, ability to produce and edit videos (especially if you're in the LA area close to +David Ruddock and +Mark Burstiner), and thinking outside the box (editorials, long reviews, think pieces, etc.).

How to apply: Send an email to and include a mention of this post and an introduction that will leave me no choice but to select you for the job. Don't forget to also list your experience and link to your best writing examples available on the web.

Remember: first impressions count a lot, and I'm probably going to receive several dozen emails, so yours will need to stand out or die. Take your time, pore over every word, re-read the email before sending, and then do it again (that's what you'll be doing with your posts). Do it right.

Hopefully, you can be the next +Cameron Summerson, +Eric Ravenscraft, or +Ron Amadeo (our distinguished AP alumni). Or you can just be the next you. That works too.

Please note that due to the volume of applications, I may not be able to respond to you in a timely manner (or at all).

Good luck!
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Tackled the subject of cheap Android phones. I love writing stuff like this, and I'm happy with how it turned out. 

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At first I thought the style ring from Spigen was dumb, but after giving it a chance, it's actually pretty rad. In the car, at least.
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Decided to run AnTuTu Benchmark on my Galaxy S7 Edge this morning...and this happened. 

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My final post at +Android Police. Such a bittersweet feeling.

A Changing of the Guard

Five years ago — almost to the day — I wrote my first article for Android Police. At that time, I had no idea what a difference that would make in my life, that it would effectively give me an out from a job I hated and put me directly into the field that I've loved ever since.

And now it's time for another change. As of March 23rd, I will no longer be with AP. I've accepted a full-time position with How-To Geek and will be their "Android guy." It's definitely a different direction than what I've been used to for the last five years — I'm so used to gogogogo! that I honesty won't know what to do with myself in a slower-paced environment. But I'm looking forward to the change, and the challenge.

Of course I have nothing but love for everyone at Android Police — I literally would not be where I am right now without +Artem Russakovskii. He's one of the best bosses I've ever had the pleasure of working for, and I'll honestly miss him "yelling" at me every time I make a typo. Hell, that's the kind of thing that made me mull over pieces, proofreading them over and over again. I probably wouldn't be able to write a full news story in under two and a half minutes if not for him, either. That's a skill in and of itself.

But I'm excited to embark on this new journey — How-To Geek is a highly reputable site, and it's an honor to become a part of that team. I started my writing journey many years ago with a small how-to blog for users who lived in my local area, so I've always loved that kind of writing. It's interesting to see myself come sort-of full circle.

I'm forever grateful not only to Artem for taking a chance on a guy who may or may not have known a single thing about what he was doing, but for all the great guys (and gals!) I've had a chance to work with and learn from over the last few years. (I tried to tag everyone here -- David, Ryan, Liam, Bertel, Michael, Cody, Rita, etc. but for some reason G+ isn't seeing everyone.)

And of course, I can't part ways without a nod to each and every person who comes to AP day in and day out for Android news — the readers are the soul of any blog out there, and AP has some of the best. I'm sure you'll still see me around the AP comments often, and of course you can always find me on social networks.

I'm stoked.
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