Roxy Stadium 14
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85 Santa Rosa Ave Santa Rosa, CA 95404
85 Santa Rosa AvenueUSCaliforniaSanta Rosa95404
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"Great movies and the best buttery popcorn!"
"Projection is usually standard and sound is pretty good."
"By 30 minutes in the kids were getting restless, kicking seats and talking."
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Cat Crimson's profile photo
Cat Crimson
3 weeks ago
This theater is always dirty. This last time I ended up sitting in ketchup and the floor was littered with random crap. Not to mention the terribly obnoxious and rude people; folks always on their cell phones who refuse to silence them, people behind you that talk FOR THE ENTIRE MOVIE, others who bring their children and refuse to get up and take them out when they won't quit talking or start screaming, a staff that is apparently less then satisfied in their job position, not bothering to help when asked. Enough is enough, I refuse to spend any more money at this establishment. I've tried to give it a chance numerous times and I always end up leaving disappointed. DO NOT GO HERE.
• • •
natalie lasker's profile photo
natalie lasker
6 months ago
Great movies and the best buttery popcorn!! I'm 13 going on 14 and love to go to this theater. :) :) :) :) :) But a little dirty and sometimes mean workers and creepy people but you know creepers are everywhere, you can't hide from them forever. So if you are bringing your kids to the movies don't go to this one without an adult wuth them at all times just incase they get kidnapped. Because there are alot of homeless people around the outside of the theater. I hope you like what I had to say!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
• • •
DJ Kento's profile photo
DJ Kento
8 months ago
If 5 stars is the very best that a movie theater can be then the Roxy 14 is average. Open for about ten years now, the Roxy is more than starting to show it's age. Yes it has high end digital projectors, the ability to show 35mm films and pretty great sound, but over the years the theater has worn down a bit. Seats are relatively comfortable depending on what screen you're in but in the smaller theaters it can definitely feel cramped if you're around six feet tall. I'm 6'2" and usually don't have a problem stretching out. You get the basic problems you get from most large theaters run by teenagers; the floors can be sticky (I never wear good shoes to the movies for this reason), audience members can be more than a little obnoxious and the rules about turning off your cell phone are never enforced. When it comes to people talking during your movie it's a real flip of the coin whether or not management will do something about it. I recently had some one talking during a showing of As Above So Below and after politely asking them to be quiet they still didn't stop talking. My friend got the manager who came in, asked them to be quiet and they were for the rest of the film. This past Monday I went and saw the very last showing of Gone Girl at 9:15pm. A family of 5 came in, none of the children over the age of say 8 or 9... by 30 minutes in the kids were getting restless, kicking seats and talking. I got a manager and they didn't do anything. I'm guessing because it was such a late show and they didn't want the hassle of asking an entire family to stop talking at 10pm. That's also something I've noticed more and more as I attend Rated R features late at night. It's becoming more and more common for parents to selfishly bring their children to inappropriate films on school nights and then not police their kid's actions. You may say that's not a problem with the theater but the audience and film goers are part of the experience. When you have a certain kind of cliental coming to a business over and over and there's a trend you have to speak up about it. Don't be shocked if you see a horror movie and there's a 9 year old girl crying and their parent not doing anything about it. Projection is usually standard and sound is pretty good. 3D can sometimes be out of focus. I prefer to go to the theater in Petaluma for 3D films as their theater is newer, cleaner and their projectors are dialed in more accurately. Snacks are, like most theaters, over priced but the popcorn is fine, and they have junior mints in the fridge which is the best movie snack of all time.
• • •
And Good
a year ago
Worst experience ever. Tried to watch the new X-men, and the worst part wasn't the blurry garbage screen, it was when I was interrupted by two very loud obnoxious men. Normally this would not be a problem, go talk to management and the issue can be quietly resolved; not this time. Instead the employees and the "manager", who refused to break eye contact with their phones, say they will take care of it and walk away. About 10 minutes later the slobs in front of me are still talking, turning on their phones intermittently, and slamming their chairs into my legs (also the theater is extremely cramped, there is no reason they should have been able to lean back and hit me) when I feel one of the theater attendants tap me on the inform me that my legs seem to be crowding the person in front of me and I should move to another aisle. I wish I could get a refund, not just for the overpriced ticket and "snacks", but for the 2+ hours that I lost.
• • •
Jacob Mercado
in the last week
I've always went to this location since I was 6 years old (I'm 12 now). It's been a great experience though out the years, people that put bad reviews about people being disrespectful and keep talking are honestly true, and that's one con I do not like about this Cinema. But there was one old lady that yelled at these 2 teenagers when they were constantly talking... :D
Oliver Kindt's profile photo
Oliver Kindt
3 weeks ago
its a great theater but its too expensive
Christopher Hotchkiss
a month ago
Good movies and cool worker's
Uncle Crusty's profile photo
Uncle Crusty
a month ago
touched my girlfriends (now ex) ass there last summer.