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I won candy on the #googlebirthday doodle! Score: 145

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Happy New Year to everyone (I know. A little late..) After seeing the information so far on 5.2 (or playing on the PTR), what are you most excited about?

Welcome all. :) I'm not completely sure what you are supposed to do with these community sites but it's here. Share cool posts you find out there. Put up links to new blogs to check out. Maybe talk about episodes of the show. 

Polygamerous Question of the Week: What was the most impact-full death in a video game for you?

Polygamerous QotW: What is your favorite place to go for video game news and info?

Polygamerous QotW: What is your favorite gaming convention?

Polygamerous #QotW: Games are now including a good/evil alignment system, what type of moral choices do you usually play in such games?

Polygamerous Podcast question of the week: Who is your favorite video game villain/ antagonist?
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