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I've done some searching, but have had difficulty finding what to do regarding a clean install. I'm in process of bringing all of my old data from a hard drive. The thing I'm not sure about is what to do regarding the Photos app. tried dragging the photos package file into the Photos folder, but it doesn't appear to want to except it. It gives me an error saying if I want to to delete incomplete items and encourages me to download all of my photos from the cloud. Is this the best thing to do?

PLEASE HELP: My 2012 13 in MacBook Pro has slowed down to an almost standstill... I don't think this is from installing El Capitan... But maybe? A couple of days ago, my Mac started slowing down to molasses speeds. Last year I upgraded the hard drive to an SSD and it was running pretty lightning fast. My RAM is the lowest configuration and have been thinking about upgrading it... But I don't know if the new operating system is just more RAM hungry. I'm not sure what happened. I had installed the beta about a week before for El Capitan. I didn't have any problems until a couple of days after that. Other than that nothing has really changed. It seriously can take 30 seconds to do almost anything (feels like minutes...). In plain text editor... I will type a sentence... Wait.... Have it appear. Or if I try to do alt tab... Wait... Then change screens. It is driving me crazy and has made my Mac useless to me right now (unless I want to practice my distress tolerance skills). I'm doing as much of my work on my iPad right now, but it's the second generation version... So ends up being pretty slow as well... But not quite so bad. I downgraded from the beta thinking that was the problem... Still super slow. I'm thinking about trying to put a clean install of the operating system... To see if that helps, but I don't really know if it is a hardware or software issue. I'd really love some ideas or steps I could do. Sorry for kind of ranting... Also, sometimes it seems to speed up, but just for a short period of time. Thanks!

I've been a fan of cloud based storage for a while, and am a long time dropbox user. In preparation of the photos app and having all of my 73 gigs of photos entrusted with iCloud... I've upgraded my account to the 200 gb storage plan. I've been meaning to move many of the documents currently in my documents folder (maybe in the future my Dropbox, because I'm running out of space on there). I plan on backing everything up.

My question is about app specific folders (i.e. pages folder for pages, or mind node... etc). I do really like this as a general folder structure for current projects. I like that I can click save on my mac and just select iCloud Drive and it automatically puts them in the app specific folder. My question is, because so many of my other folders are just nested, I'd like to move all the app specific folders inside of another folder. Will this "lose" the connection to the app specific folders or will it still find them?


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Launch Center Pro + +IFTTT  + +Google Drive  = awesome milage tracking. I really love #automation  

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Is My Mac Magic? (…). I'm loving Keyboard Maestro, a short post about how I use #KM to toggle Apple TV Remote on/off. Even some short screencasts about my Tapes for Mac.

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Blog post about our trip so far in Florida for #CADCAMidYear. It's been pretty fun.

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 OS X Server with +Todd Olthoff was a great show. I'm wondering what the community thinks. I work in Mental Health as a Therapist and Case Manager. I've been dreaming about buying a File Transporter, but the last episode is making me think that a computer running OS X Server might work too. Please note, that I'm not an expert in HIPAA compliance.

HIPAA does not let clinician keep any protected health information [PHI] (i.e. any identifying information, which can include even their name) to be placed on any external cloud service without a formal business agreement. Basically this means that services like Dropbox, iCloud, Google... etc can't have any PHI.

I was originally wanting to a file Transporter to be able to host my own omni sync server (I don't think I can get a business agreement from the Omni Group) so that I could be able to keep my client related tasks in OmniFocus instead of an excel document like I currently am :(.

With a OS X Server it sounds like I could also keep my own calendar and contact list (which I also can't put any PHI currently). Could I also do that in something like File Transporter? Would I be able to run Omni Sync on OS X Server.

The following are things I would like to be able to have in some sort of private cloud or privately hosted format so that I can access it on phone, tablet, laptop: Calendar, contacts, plain text files, OmniFocus.

Sorry about such a long post. What do you guys think?

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