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Why is it that Adobe don't seem to be able to get their head around the priorities for making tools for UX?
We're already have lots of really great tools for visual and interactive design that are hugely powerful as well as easy to use (although not always at the same time).
What we don't have are comprehensive suites of easy to use tools for research and testing.
So why is it that XD, which they keep talking about as their user experience application, is so focused on the visual and interaction design side of things, with no real focus on providing the sort of functionality that we actually need to be provided?
Is it because they think that Photoshop is a good UX tool, and that it's just an extension of interaction design and graphic design?
Because it honestly feels like it a lot of the time. (Like... it would explain a few things). I actually feel sorry for the UX folks at Adobe if that's the business attitude.

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Such a beautiful design.

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I don't know about any of you, but I'd like to actually live in a Democracy.

Okay England.

And I do mean England. Scotland, Wales, and Northern Ireland went and did their own things.

It's not that I'm angry with you.
I'm just disappointed.

Also Angry.
You bigoted, selfish, racist dickheads.

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I've been in meetings like this.

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I've recently been thinking a lot about the pretty toxic tendency for online communities to engage in witch-hunts, and this article handily illuminates a lot of the reasons why I find them so discomforting.

Sure, I want to side with the victims, but the victims are;

1. Not always correct about what went down
2. Not always obvious.

Then you have witnesses; they are often wrong about what happened, because it turns out that our reality is completely perceptual, and two people can experience the same events and give extremely different (and contradictory) accounts of those events with no malice or deception intended. Plus, our memories are extremely malleable. 

People need to investigate rather than jumping to conclusions.

And these things lead to this sort of horror.

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So, this might be a fairly good indicator of what the inside of my head looks like.
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