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Fading Angler
Trying to fish as much as I can before Parkinson's Disease won't let me.
Trying to fish as much as I can before Parkinson's Disease won't let me.


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Up the Voltage
Last Thursday was the event I've been waiting for all summer.  In previous years, I would have reserved those words some something like a fishing trip to the Missouri River in Montana.  This time, it was my first follow-up appointment with the Deep Brain St...

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Mid-Summer Update
What does an artist do when his muse has wandered away?  Not that I consider myself much of an artist, mind you.  My writing is the equivalent of finger-painted sheets of butcher paper in the world of visual arts.  Mom, can I hang this on the fridge?  Speak...

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Congrats and here's to 7 more years!!! Thanks for picking up along the way!

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Hello, Square One
It's been 6 weeks since the last pieces of my Deep Brain Stimulation (DBS) system were implanted, and a day less than that since it was activated.  Results were initially very encouraging: for most of the next week, my usually rigid right side was much more...

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Parkinson's and Angling Updates
It's a great feeling to know that there are people out there who are looking for an update on my health and progress.  So, an update is obviously in order, now that I've had the neurostimulator running for three weeks.  I'm very happy to report that my inci...

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Not the Same
Anyone who chases fish is bound to encounter a certain quote on the Internet, sooner or later.  The original source is reported to be the Greek philosopher Heraclitus.  Being something of an introvert, it appears that he didn't go to great lengths to publis...

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Performance Testing and Tuning for the Human Brain
The neurostimulator (aka implanted pulse generator) and lead extensions were implanted and connected last week to the leads previously implanted two weeks ago. One of my occupational passions for the past 20 years has been to improve the performance of larg...

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Play-by-Play Replay of Awake Neurosurgery
When we last left our "hero," he was facing a full morning of surgery to have a pair of wire leads implanted, one in each hemisphere of the brain.  Later, these wires will be connected to a pulse generator device to induce "Deep Brain Stimulation therapy" f...

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One Down, Two to Go
You'll forgive me for again invoking "that damned movie" as it is sometimes called by a few.  Toward the end of the cinematic version of 'A River Runs Through It," Norman's younger brother Paul lands a fish after a very dramatic swim with his bamboo rod hel...

Post has attachment I need another hole in the head
By now, we’ve all learned that life brings us the terrible
and the beautiful, often by the same whim.   Like most, I can speak with authority about beautiful things ended
terribly, and terrible things that have bloomed into beauty I’d never
imagined.   Bett...
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