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A dedicated Nintendo fan website

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WOW 62 followers already on G+! Where have I been?? Since we've reached that amount we need your help, can NG count on you guys to help us get 100 people over here before the 30th of November?

I smell Mario Kart 7 just around the corner...who here is planning on getting that game for the holidays?

It's Zelda Week guys and NG is taking part by added the Skyward Sword addition to the sit, I hope you guys have pre-ordered your copy of Skyward Sword! Hurry the game is released next week.....

I have an announcement to make guys.......Blackheart has......beaten SKYWARD SWORD!!!!

I am thinking about extending the website to make it more user-friendly for mobile users, how many of you think this is an excellent idea to take your Nintendo news on the go???

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This comes as a shock for Zelda fans, GameStop isn't having a midnight launch for Skyward the video in the post for more information.

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Who here is ready for Black Friday? Well this deal GameStop's having may interest you...check it out, you can even get the limited edition Zelda 3DS :)

Keep an eye out for NG on Monday guys, we're gonna have some temp. changes to the's gonna look sweet! (I hope)

Skyward Sword is in our hands! please don't miss me too much as I play the game :)

We need help over on NG, who wants to help us out?
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