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How Customer Service Metrics Can Help Your Business Grow
Identify critical issues,Keep your finger on the pulse of customer satisfaction
Measure support team productivity and adjust for seasonality.

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The Top 10 Blog Posts About Artificial Intelligence in 2017
How Artificial Intelligence is Forever Changing the Consumer Experience

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9 Habits of the World’s Most Successful Salespeople
Lose the P.E.P.,Think like a doctor,Learn to disqualify
Talk less,Sell to decision makers,Focus on money-making tasks
Don’t act desperate,Focus on quality, not quantity,Leverage your success

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How AI Can Save You From Humiliating Your Professional Self
The Customer Sells Rakes, Not Cakes,Did You Forget to Send That Email, Dummy?
That Company You’re Calling Has Been Out of Business for a Year.
Could You Get Off the Phone? There’s a Customer Tweeting Angrily at You.

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4 Ways to Ignite Sales for Small Businesses
Motivate Your Sales Team,Use Modern Sales Tools
Be Prepared to Scale,Look to the Enterprise

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5 things about Salesforce Certification
Course Content and their weightage,Prepare each topic with written practice of programs
Go through /Solve previous years certification,Practice,be confident and relaxed

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How Search Engine Marketing Is Changing in 2017
Mobile Awareness,Reputation Building
Schema Markup,Voice Search
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