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Beth Perry

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thinking about Chicago and missing someone special very much. ....
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Beth Perry

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painting again.....
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a fun summer girl who likes water sports, wineries, sand volleyball and creating art.
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E M I LY Jane: 26/52

One of the local museums here had a dinosaur exhibit. It was completely lame. there was one giant full sized t-rex made of fossils (that in


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you can stick your head in the freezer to cool off

So... it is flippin hot here in STL. REALLY HOT! I was at my girlfriend's apt yesterday, before we went out, and as she suggested, I ser

Not impressed. They got all of our food orders wrong. Got part of my food corrected and was tired of waiting for them to fix the other part of my food. (Wrong tortillas and wrong meat) Food was not worth the frustration nor long wait.
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My landlord (Matt) and the maintenance guys are awesome! They are so responsive and so kind to me! I love the location, too! I just signed my 3rd year lease and couldn't be happier! (Well.... I could if my upstairs neighbors were not so heavy-footed. 👏) Other than that, this place and all the people I've dealt with have been a positive experience! Thank you, 22 CO!
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Teresa is so nice and knowledgeable! My massage was great and relaxing! I have some major upper back, neck and shoulder stress areas (as I am sure most people do) and she was able to emphasize on that area WHILE, hitting the rest of the body; all within an hour. The temperature in the rooms are perfect and I loved the spanish and oriental background music she had going during the massage. I will definitely be back!
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I have always loved Aldi. I have been to the Cape Girardeau location multiple times. I lived in South County for the past 9 years and frequented the one off south lindbergh. (I do believe their manager's name is Marsha). That location was kept TOP NOTCH. It always looked clean, fresh, organized. The food from there was exceptional. Since August, I now live U City. A month ago, I brought home groceries from Aldi on Olive. I kept smelling this light rotten odor. When I was putting up my food, I found that the french onion dip I had bought was leaking and was bad. That smell/dip and had gotten all over my food. Now that wasn't a huge deal. That can happen. However, last night I went into Aldi. I had made it to the meat section and picked out a Fit & Active rotisserie turkey. (these are uncooked in partially clear plastic packaging marinating in seasonings). I put it in my cart and moved on. Seconds later, there was a rotten, disgusting odor. I smelled my hands and almost threw up. That turkey package was leaking and was rotten. I think there were more, though. Because after I put the package back AND told an employee about it, that smell had permeated all through that area. Other people were smelling it too. I don't recommend this location. It's not being supervised well, as all the food needs to be checked periodically...especially the refrigerated items. It seems organized, but not very clean.
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Love love and love this theater! Every other theater needs to get with the program! I love how you can easily order tickets online and pre-pick your seats. (I use the Fandango app). The seats are THE MOST comfortable ever!! Great popcorn!
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Good food; horrible service. Today was the first time my coworker and I tried Off The Grill in Maryland Heights, MO. The service was subpar. The employee that took our order was less than friendly. (she seemed to get a little bit better, the longer we were waiting for our food). And that leads me to the 45min we waited to receive our lunch. We had planned on eating there for a quick lunch out of the office. That didn't work. We had to keep asking about the status of our food. Once received, we took it back to the office to eat. It's definitely a carryout/delivery type of place. I had the 8oz burger and steak fries (that come with the sandwiches). There seriously only 6 fries that came with the burger. My coworker ordered a salad and bacon/cheese fries. The flavor was great with everything we got. It was a great burger and the cheese fries were superb. If we do end up going back; we will make it a point to order ahead of time.
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I can't speak highly enough about Apple and The Apple Store in West County Mall. I have had a couple of mishaps since purchasing my 4s. The first time, I received a new phone at no charge. This second time I received a new phone and only had to pay my $50 deductible. (I had bought the insurance at the time I purchased my phone). I was in and out in 20 minutes. It was so quick and easy. I love going to the Genius Bar. They know what they are doing and they don't try to pull the wool over my eyes or pay for something I shouldn't be paying for. LOVE LOVE LOVE APPLE!!!
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Quality: ExcellentAppeal: ExcellentService: Excellent
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