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Cardiff Maths MSc OR/Stats
MSc in OR, Applied Statistics and Risk
MSc in OR, Applied Statistics and Risk

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Welcome to Cardiff, Croeso I Gaerdydd!
For all our +Cardiff Maths MSc OR/Stats students starting with us today, we have 3 days of induction activities lined up... Enjoy!

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Two fun days have just ended.

Here are some pictures of the 2 day intro to OOP day that the +Cardiff Maths MSc OR/Stats students just got put through.

It's a pretty intense two days where the students are set a difficult coding task that forces them to use concepts they have not seen before. At the end of the day, +Paul Harper, +Leanne Smith, +Angelico Fetta +Jason Young and myself rank the output and just gave out chocolates to the winning team (who in fact submitted a working version of their code yesterday).

It's intense and the students are not necessarily 'happy all the way through' (as the deadline gets closer and closer) but hopefully they find it useful as A) a team exercise and B) a brutal introduction to Python and OOP.

I'm pretty exhausted now but I might write a blog post about it this weekend sometime.

If it runs again next year I very much look forward to it.
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Check this out!
I'll be teaching the +Cardiff Maths MSc OR/Stats some queueing theory tomorrow. Here's a screencast I put together a while back showing the a basic example of queueing theory with a bit of +Sage Mathematical Software System thrown in for good measure.


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Dragons and bunnies! Finally a way to explain Central Limit Theorem!

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Welcoming our new cohort of +Cardiff Maths MSc OR/Stats students with an induction day including some fun 'ice-breaker' activities (people bingo, music quiz, team games etc)! Seems we have 45 students enrolled from across 8 nationalities. Welcome to them all!

Tomorrow we have 205 first year undergraduates expected to arrive... Great that so many are wanting to study mathematics degrees :)
MSc induction 2013/14
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Good news for our OR students :)

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MAT001 - OR Methods
Message from +Vincent Knight: could students please ensure they watch the following two Game Theory related videos before next week's session (Tuesday 1st October):

An introduction to mixed strategies using Sage math's interact page.

A game theoretical approach to the EMV ED interface

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Just finished putting up my screencasts for R for the upcoming +Cardiff Maths MSc OR/Stats class I'm teaching. Here's the last one which looks at the "twitteR" package. (The video feature the +INFORMS twitter page :) ).

All the course (which teaches +SAS Software and R) materials can be found at 

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Some good news it seems....  University leavers could have better graduate job prospects than their predecessors when they attempt to enter the world of work this summer, a survey has suggested.

(Seen via +Joerg Fliege)

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Note the corrected date +Cardiff Maths MSc OR/Stats students!  Also here's again the link to the post with the videos:
Highly recommend attendance for the learning opportunity and your CV...  
Here's an updated (fresh of the press from +Joanna Emery!) list for my OOP course with a corrected date and more so it now has 6 people on it...

(Here's the old one:
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