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I created another example for an module.
It allows you to display your WhatsApp conversations on your homescreen.

1. Become a tester on
2. Download

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Now there's a new version of Seebye Scheduler which uses the API.
The new version should demonstrate the features of the API.

1. Become a tester on
2. Download


1. Ensure to use WhatsApp [Material Design]
( )
2. Join this community.
3. Become a tester on
4. Download
5. Setup
6. (Optional) Download and test the example module

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Hello guys,
I want to present my new app: Seebye Messenger API
The app does NOT require root rights.
It allows the developers among you to create apps which are able to interact with WhatsApp.
- read messages
- send text, images, videos, audio
- etc.

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To all owners of a Xperia device ;)  I created an app which brings some missing features to your device.
For example double tap to lock.

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finally completed the desktop version of my website =)

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How to join the open beta:

1. Join this community.
2. Become a tester on

Feature list:

I'm looking forward to get feedback from you.
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