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Copper Country Limo
Your number one choice for getting from Point A to Point B in the beautiful U.P.
Your number one choice for getting from Point A to Point B in the beautiful U.P.

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There are actually only 3 major car rental companies in the US (Avis, Hertz and Enterprise) controlling 94% of the market. Call us instead.

Sunlight helps reduce jet lag. For best effects, get afternoon sun if you've traveled east, morning sun if you've gone west #traveltip

Plan a nap for takeoff. Commercial airlines' barely noticeable G-forces can help induce sleep. #traveltip

Airline blankets are only washed every 5 to 30 days, according to a Wall Street investigation. Maybe you should bring your own.

An estimated 25.1 million people flew over Thanksgiving. This is the busiest year since 2007. We hope everyone had safe travels :)

If you can't wear an item more than once on a trip, don't pack it. However this does not apply to socks and underwear, of course. #traveltip

Allow at least 45 minutes between connecting domestic flights and 2 hours for international ones. #traveltips

Because of increasing levels of carbon dioxide, scientists predict that turbulence on long flights to increase by as much as 40% by 2050.

Don't pack blocks of cheese or choclate in your carry-on. Because of similar densities, X-ray machines may mistake them for plastic explos.

According to University of Manchester, the distraction of loud engine noises in airplanes makes travelers think in-flight meals taste bad.
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