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Film & Discussion: "The Hunting Ground"
Prelaw Association Film
Series Presents The Hunting Ground Wednesday April 6, 2016 7pm, Lower Level Gallagher
MPR A 2015
documentary film about alleged incidents of rape on college campuses in the
United States. The documentary focuses on two former Univers...

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Career Expo--come get your feet wet! Thursday, March 31, 2016 Upper Level Gallagher Center (that place is huge ) at Niagara University 1:00 to 3:30 p.m. 80 employers and counting Free, open, walk-in Wear business attire, or at l...

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Peace! (Corps)
Serving in the U.S. Peace Corps ( )
is an end unto itself. You get to participate in a program founded in 1961,
serving the most pressing needs of people around the world, doing hands-on work
that calls for all the energy, commitm...

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Bite-sized job hunting advice
The folks at Making Good (who have a vibrant Facebook
presence here: ) have a wonderfully direct
question for you: Where are you at in your job search? Here’s the link: . You get nine simple, c...

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How to College, and Beyond This website contains a treasure-trove of
links to other websites with a range of subject areas—including preparing for
your future life in the workforce. There are 101 sites, with...

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Do you have a F** Off Fund?*
Recommended reading: Okay, I won't use the F-bomb. But you know what it stands for in "F*** Off Fund." The writer presents the same story, with two very different endings, because o...

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Don’t learn to be a grownup the hard way
The website Skills for Grownups ( )
offers you links to “how to pages” for stuff that everybody else seems to know
how to do, and you’re afraid to ask about—removing a stain, reading a map,
driving a stick-shift, setting up a b...

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I’m qualified… to be a salad bar attendant
I found what appears to be a useful tool in my internet
travels: . You can
read a summary of what it does here: . Basically, you paste in a copy of your resume, paste in the
job description, ...

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Internship available immediately
available immediately, spring 2016, Senator Charles Schumer Dr. Paula Kot,
English Department Chair, received exciting news from Jordan W. Nicholson, who
is WNY Deputy Regional Director for U.S. Senator
Charles E. Schumer. Two
interns in Buffalo ...

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Be a Ghost, and Other Writing Jobs Here's a way to broaden your horizons: writing jobs you might not have thought about. Visit the website linked above to find out more about these careers: Video game writer Copywriter Bu...
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