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Gargi Agrawal

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What about London!
And when it comes to
drawing comparisons between my home culture and London, it’s amazing how
similar both the mores are. As a young student, what inspires me about London
is that I feel that I’m in an Indian city; vibrant and dynamic, with a lively atmosph...

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Don’t just exist, live. But how
As pleasing and goose-bumps giving as it sounds, let’s
face it, we don’t really want to hear it anymore. I mean you’re just sitting
there in your spot, brain dead from a tiring Thursday, lifelessly racing your
thumb across your touch screen on Facebook/Inst...

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Under the Indian sun
how as I sit here writing this, raindrops are racing across my window pane against the darkest sky there could be at
midday. Yes, that’s the closest I
can get to describing England. The sun comes as a luxury here, and we seemingly can’t afford it. And...

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She is one of her own kind. She'll give you the last bite of her favourite chocolate if you stare at it. She'll stay up late to open the door for you. She gets to dress up last because fixing your mascara or tie is more important. You achieved something you...

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Love me or leave me free!
Oh yes. It's as uncomplicated and subtle as
that. Not everything in life needs to be twined and knotted up. Some things, especially
delicate stuff such as emotions, (no matter how much we deny) do make the most
of us. And what do we want? Somebody, who's wi...

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