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Right on.
Today's guaranteed smile. Love this. A great reminder to just go for it today!

Started a Tumblr. Seemed unnecessary, but there's stuff on there I actually don't share any where else.

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Love this page by former co-workers at +Central Michigan Life about the CMU Med School. It's got it all: a map of other institutions, the documents embedded into the pag and a timeline of the med school's history. Great work y'all!

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I would totally talk to this guy again. Happy Veterans Day.

Hey everyone, add +Central Michigan Life. I know it's blank right now, but ... not for too, too long. Time to stretch our social media muscles, here. Seeing where it goes.

A lot of blogs and Twitter chatter out there are still reflecting on last week's news of change and layoffs in Booth. And as I'm doing research for this 20-page media ethics capstone paper, I can't help but reflect as well. I keep finding passages that lets this sink further in. It, at least, solidifies one thing: Such heartbreaking news in this industry happens all over the place. Here's some food for thought:

"A newspaper is an ecosystem, the health of which depends on the fitness of its symbolic parts. When you eliminate one species, you threaten the vitality of the whole." -Doug Marlette, referring specifically to editorial cartoonists and their declining species. But it really does apply to every cohort of a system.

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This is what happens when a newspaper's Web master is loading the final php file to the new server after a month of unexpected road blocks. Congrats to him for getting through it this weekend. May be faster and better, but most of all free of 503 errors.

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You guys think this is I good lesson on the First Amendment and freedom of speech for a media law class? Because I sure do.

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"Do you mean THIS kind of agility?" Thank you to a former coworker for posting this on my Facebook wall, inspiring me to share it with the world.

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Yesterday was the first time on an airplane for my grandpa, who turns 85 next month. He was pretty excited.
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