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Around Skyrim Without a Thune
Skyrim, how I love thee. The only game I've never grown entirely tired of playing (apart from Fire Emblem), Skyrim is still on my PS3, and this time Eve and I have undertaken a slightly different tack. At the moment our character (a female Imperial called H...

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Again, with Purpose
By K. Steitz When I was an awkward, bookish teenager, my favorite novels were The Blue Sword and The Hero and the  Crown by Robin McKinley. Those books are still in my collection; their pages are dog-eared, yellowed, the spines are broken. I loved them deep...

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The Last Refuge of a Scoundrel?
Patriotism. It's an issue of growing concern, as it waxes in strength across the West, threatening the hard-won cooperation of the EU and America, threatening in the latter to tip into full-blown Nationalism. Defined by the Oxford English Dictionary as:  Th...

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In many ways, the new year feels depressingly familiar. The themes that dominated 2016 of death and chaos continue to grind their way across the world, scattering reason before them. Tribalism, blind patriotism and the march of nationalism are the backgroun...

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Is It Just Me?
The news stories about Rolf Harris, along with a myriad of other celebrities and their improper behaviour towards children, coupled with the revelations about what's been going on in football, where coaches have also been abusive towards minors, have left m...

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Let me tell you a story. Once there was a lady called Margaret Vobe, she was a kind woman, one of those women who always worries about people, who does their best to make everyone happy. She lived down the road from me as a child, a kindly old lady who was ...

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Childhood Influences
The recent death of Carrie Fisher brought a lot of emotion out among my friends, mostly but not all related to her role in Star Wars. It set me thinking about childhood influences and how much of a role they play in our lives. Part of this is because, well,...

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Urban Fantasy: The Nature of Cities
A boy discovers an ancient tree spirit in his local park. An angel falls from Heaven for the love of a good woman. Demons play Blackjack in the back room of a seedy bar. Wizards walk unseen, casting spells to solve mysteries. The Fae party hard at an illega...

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Feminism and Writing
In today's post, Cara Mckee talks about feminism and writing. There are still women who write under non-gendered, or even typically male names (Robin Hobb, and JK Rowling spring immediately to mind), and it still makes sense to do that even though it’s 2016...

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Post Brexit Nightmare
Yes, I'm blogging about Brexit again... Or more accurately what I fear will happen after we leave the EU. I hope this is hyperbole, but I fear that it won't be, simply because the calibre of politicians we have is pretty bad. Let's assume, to begin with, th...
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