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Marc Ambinder
I'm very curious.
I'm very curious.


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If you're a journo or a military person and want a review copy of my eBook on special operations and JSOC, e-mail me at

JSOC chapter -- done

Monitoring NIGHTHAWKs on approach to the Wall Street Tower pad. #opensource

Monitoring AF1 inbound to RWY 31R JFK. Ground stop in place.

Did you vote for Obama in 2008 but are undecided in '12? Are you a first-time vote? Help me figure out what people are thinking outside the Beltway. E-mail me at I'm putting together a panel to -- well, I don't know exactly what they'll do, but I know it will be useful to me.

Old CW: JSOC is black SOF.
New CW: JSOC is white SOF.
Can it re-blacked?
Should it be?

Anyone know any SCI categories beyond the basics: SI TK G HCS?

Finished the chapter on state secrets today. Still working on the congressional oversight chapter and the basic structure of secrecy chapter... but the end is in sight. Is the book going to be good? I have no idea.

I was married in that bow-tie. :-)
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