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絡める Karameru seems to be a word to use for having sexy times with your punk love too

curl ~ around one's finger

tangle one's fingers in someone's hair

loop one's arms around someone's neck

twirl one's hair with one hand

use the emergency economic stimulus package to one's own partisan advantage

lace one's arm through

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Turns out Riki Oh the manga is somehow crazier than the movie.

The absurd character backstory of Riki-oh (self.manga)
submitted 7 months ago * by thresholden

I just finished Riki-oh after forgetting about it for several years and want to write down exactly how nonsensical it gets before I forget again.

In the 1930s, Hitler rose to power as per our timeline. Except in Riki-oh's timeline, he had a Jewish lover who gave birth to a daughter. Fearing damage to his reputation, he orders all girls born that month to be executed. His daughter, Hanna, is sent to Shanghai to protect her from Hitler's purges.

In Shanghai, the Jewish community is planning to buy Manchuria from the Japanese to create a Jewish Homeland north of China. However they are foiled by the Nazis who follow Hanna to Shanghai. They are stopped by Riki-oh's teacher, Chou Zenki, who was Chang Kai-shek's elite bodyguard.

Hitler meanwhile loses the war and commits suicide as per our timeline. However before he does, he confides in a mysterious Japanese man named Mukai. Mukai convinces Hitler that he can see into the future. It is implied that Mukai then becomes the adviser to Stalin and is the mastermind behind his purges.

Hanna changes her name to O Birei and moves to Japan. She is eventually put in prison in trumped up charged and raped by Mukai while in prison. She gives birth to two children, Riki-oh who has a star of David on his hand, and Nachi (Japanese pronunciation of Nazi) who has a swastika on his hand; as she has both Jewish and Nazi blood in her. They must never touch hands as natural catastrophes occur if the symbols ever meet.

Fast forwarding to the main story, Riki-oh investigates his mother's history and eventually kills Nachi. He encounters various cult leaders which wish to destroy the world to bring the second coming of Christ. Nachi's disembodied head, which is kept alive by science, redeems himself by helping destroy the cultists. He learns of Mukai's hidden Antarctic base and travels there for one final showdown.

He is unable to defeat Mukai, who claims he is God, but is saved by a whale who swallows him. The whale brings him to an ancient Jewish man who has been alive since Solomon. The man explains that the ten lost tribes of Israel actually moved to the far East and settled in Japan, therefore all Japanese people are actually Jewish.

Riki-oh confronts Mukai again and he reveals that he comes from a different timeline. The cultists succeeded in bringing about the apocalypse in his timeline by launching nuclear bombs but Christ did not appear. They fled the nuclear wasteland they created by going into space where they decided that if Christ wouldn't appear, they would make their own Christ. And so Mukai was created in the year 2500 after all humanity had died out and was named Christos. His mission was to travel back in time to the beginning of the 20th century and incite the apocalypse without nuclear weapons so that the earth would not be destroyed and Christ then would come. Thus Mukai is not only Riki-oh's father, but also his descendant. Riki-oh is Jewish, German, Chinese, and Japanese.

Mukai's plan to destroy Earth was to manipulate the great powers into war and economic depression which would cause unrest in the hearts of humans, which would somehow cause the poles of the earth shift enough that the polar icecaps would melt and drown all humans but keep the earth intact. Yes, somehow the hearts of men can shift the axis of the Earth. Riki-oh and Mukai make up and Mukai lets Riki-oh kill him. Riki-oh kills both his brother and father and he is the hero of our story.

Riki-oh is very interesting look in the pessimism of the the late 80s during Japan's economic depression. There's a lot of weird conspiracy theories packed into here that we find absurd now. And while we in the West often butcher Oriental mysticism, it's important to see how its mutual when the East butchers Occidental mysticism. There are a hilarious amount of errors about Christianity and Judaism in this manga, like David killing his own father.

Enjoy the craziness, I did.

Fun fact, M.Bison from Street Fighter is a ripoff of one of the villains in Riki-oh.

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For all my 1987 anime via 90s VHS thugs

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NSFW. You'll get more out of this if you can read Japanese...

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Sarashi - TV Tropes

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Why do the Japanese study English?

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Crowking review of DCC Trove of Treasures: Bride of the Darkened Rider

According to the author: An edit is coming for this PDF, just waiting for the proof to come back, before it goes off for printing. Yep, this will come in a print version too, but we want as many fixes in as possible before it goes. :) - the PDF will be automatically updated with the fixes.

They are currently accepting new Gongfarming content over at that one community. +Marc Bruner said:

Coordination Post - Welcome to GFA Year Three!

Greetings lovely Gongfarmer Almanac friends and patrons! Once again it is time to call on all of you amazing writers and artists to provide content for this annual gift to the DCC community. As always, we have the same core goals for the zine: make it open to everyone, make it something you love, and keep it free. We can use all types of help, whether you write, make art, edit, proof, help publish, etc., this is your zine, and we need you to make it great!

This year thanks to the creative vision of Harley we are attempting something new: taking all of the awesome content that gets submitted and linking it together so that judges can use the zines themselves as a setting for their campaigns or encounters. The result will be a multi-volume, zine-based hexcrawl in the style of an old Judge’s Guild wilderness map, but in this case the location is the source of phlogiston and chaos magic itself – Pandemonium. Here is how it works:

Everyone is welcome to contribute … If you have an idea or want to create something for the zine - great! - we want to include it. Make it something you love. The goal is to produce 5-8 volumes to give away at Gen Con. If we end up getting way more content, the plan is to get them made, but additional volumes may end up being released afterward.

If you are interested in writing ... Awesome. We are looking for original DCC work that you are passionate about. Like the first two years of the zine, we are open to all types of content: new classes, patrons, monsters, etc., whatever it is that you are passionate about. Unlike previous years, however, we are also looking for brave souls to contribute to designing the plane of Pandemonium itself - this is your chance to submit an entire mini-location for an area that is based on whatever you dream up. The only guideline is that each hex is 5 miles wide, other than that, you are free to include whatever terrain, monsters, NPCs, towns, lairs, etc, you come up with. The creative team will be handling the links between hexes as part of the final layout/design, so writers only need to worry about their own area.

The first step is to tag your name, submission, and a brief description in the “Gongfarmer's Almanac 2017 Content Master” spreadsheet so we can all see what folks are planning on contributing: After that, you need to submit your completed work into the “Submissions - Writing ” folder here: When you submit, update the Content Master spreadsheet with the submission date, any requests for art, and any misc. notes you have about the article. You will then be assigned an editor who will work with you on the next steps. The deadline for writing submissions is 1 May.

For folks interested in created hexes for Pandemonium we have included a number of resources in the project folder under “Writers - Samples and Templates” located here:, including a style-guide Harley created to copy and use for your hex submission. If you plan on submitting a hex write-up, please start with the style-guide as it include notes and formatting that will make the folks doing editing and layout much easier! There is also a sample hex write-up based on the style-guide, The Forest of Nedra for those looking for guidance on length and content, as well as an overview of Pandemonium Legends and Rumors that you can look to for inspiration.

If you are interested in illustrating ... wonderful. We are looking for original artwork. Some needs to tie into the articles, but we'll also be looking for spot art. See the above links to the Pandemonium Legends and Rumors if you are looking for additional inspiration. If you want to contribute, put your name in the “Artists” tab of the Content Master spreadsheet above along with any notes. Also check the “Articles” tab of the spreadsheet as it gets filled in to see if there is anything you'd like to illustrate, especially pieces the author tags with an art request. We will reach out to the artists over to pair up art with articles or make specific help-needed requests. After that, you need to submit your completed work into the “Submissions - Art” folder here: The deadline for art will be 15 June.

If you interested in editing ... thank you! We can't do this without you! We will have articles that need editing as soon as they come in, with a goal of having all the articles edited by 1 June. As editor, you will be responsible for suggesting edits and working with the author to get the article ready for layout, including getting author approval for the edited version of the article. If you want to contribute, put your name in the “Editors” tab of the spreadsheet along with any notes.

If you love the idea of the zine, but just want to help get it published … you are a true patron. The zine will be free, but we need help defraying the printing costs and help assembling before Gen Con. We will have a campaign to call for help that will kick-off in April - more details then.

That's it. Feel free to spread the word to the rest of the community. It goes without saying that everyone retains ownership of their work. The intent is NOT to sell the zine for profit; we're all volunteering our time and talents. If you'd rather get paid for your work, that is totally cool, but this is not the right venue.

Writing: May 1
Editing: June 1
Art: June 15
Proofing/Final Layout: July 15
Production: July-August
Stapling/Assembly: August 15
Distribution: August 16-20 at Gen Con
Post- Gen Con distribution of physical copies: Sept
Post- Gen Con distribution of separate digital zines: Sept
Post- Gen Con distribution of compiled edition: Oct

If you have any questions, post them here for Jon/Harley/myself to answer or send me an email. If you have any issues with using google drive, send content to me at and I will get it in the right place.

That's it! Thanks everyone for making this zine exist!

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Okay, I didn't know if Matsuko identified as male or not. I didn't even know if it was a straight guy dressing up as a joke at gay people's expense. But he is a gay cross-dresser, that identifies as male, for the record. 
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