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Appendix N - Free Audiobooks

Here are links to the public domain audiobooks available for the author's listed in Gary Gygax's "Appendix N" from the Advanced Dungeons & Dragons' Dungeon Masters Guide. These can all be downloaded for free from Librivox.

Brackett, Leigh —
Burroughs, Edgar Rice —
Derleth, August —
Dunsany, Lord —
Farmer, P. J. —
Howard, R. E —
Lanier, Sterling —
Leiber, Fritz —
Lovecraft, H. P. —
Merritt, A. —
Norton, Andre —
Tolkien, J. R. R. —
Vance, Jack —
Weinbaum, Stanley —
Wellman, Manley Wade —
Williamson, Jack —


+cody demetro​ Your main dog has full HP. Other dogs have 1d5 HP.
You have these powers:
•Transport things
• Stare at something until it gets hotter
• Turn pain into fire

If you want better stuff and details, go to Google Docs like a man. 

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Here's the STL file for the 3D printed d7 I created if any of you are interested.

A lot of posts get stuck in the spam filter until moderator-boy fishes them out, and thus notifications don't trigger for them. Look over the community and tell me what some of your favorite posts that slipped under the radar were. Give us post URLs, plz. I'll start:

+Brent Ault d12 skills

+Dismaster FraNe drop-table equipment

+raven shadows Good friends podcasts

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Might be useful for a standard period campaign

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As FFV is my favorite, I was tickled to see these on TV.

「ファイナルファンタジー」コラボ 戦闘中なんですけど篇&ストライクショット篇【モンスターストライク(モンスト)TV CM | XFLAG公式】

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DSR often slips in DCC talk. This episode from a couple months back had talk of gozo chicken- men with +Mike Evans​​ of Hubris fame. Hope the link works :'B
Drink Spin Run S2 E12.2

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+Troy Tucker relocating your post here to the con-community.
I was kicking around whether to go or not this year but... I committed. And I'm going to GENCON and even gonna run a bunch of DCC games.
Who else is going? 
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