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Marian Call
Music, art, Alaska, the open road, and words words words.
Music, art, Alaska, the open road, and words words words.

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If this isn't the strangest thing I've done in a long, long time --

We sweded "Space Oddity" and sang it using only the 1000 most common words, in the style of Randall Munroe's Up-Goer Five diagram.


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A new concert video, inspired by NPR's Tiny Desk Concert Contest!

I'm kind of happy because pretty much everyone I know is posting a new concert video today. Heck yes. Contest Schmontest, we've all just let a ton of new songs into the world.

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**Weird: I posted this story as a comment on this Youtube video of me.  But when I log out, my comment is invisible.  That's special, Youtube.  Still wanted to share the story for context on the video.**
There's a secret about this video that I think I can finally share now, years later:

I was completely derailed. I failed utterly to follow my notes or make my point. This talk was not AT ALL my carefully rehearsed TEDx talk, and I wound up very nearly making the opposite of my point as I stumbled to the end.  I felt it was a disaster and I still do.  Let me explain why:

About this time, I decided to take my personal life seriously and practice Dating, at which I was totally inept.  With the help of OKCupid I resolved to go on 10 dates with 10 strangers within a six-week period, all in low pressure venues and low expectations.  I felt empowered and met great people.  It was a very good idea, I recommend it.

Trouble is, I obviously match up with a certain kind of person -- my ideal partner demographic never misses their local TEDx talks.

Because when I got up to speak, I saw that FIVE OF TEN boys I had gone on dates with were staring up at me from the theater seats.

I knew some of them were hoping for another date.  Some I hoped would soon forget what an idiot I was.  And one was obviously there on purpose to see me again, and I wished he were not there.

They made up nearly a quarter of the audience.

Which is why I utterly failed to deliver this TEDx talk.

And I'll let you imagine the awkwardness of trying to greet them all afterwards on a five-minute break (they didn't know each other).

Dignity dead.  But it makes a funny story in retrospect.  So if you want to see me do a halfway decent talk, here's my Ignite speech, much more coherent and exactly what I had practiced:  "The Art and Science of Songwriting" "The Art and Science of Songwriting" - Marian Call - Marian Call

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Whoooole bunch of new shows announced!  Anchorage, Seattle at the EMP, East Coast (Durham, Norfolk, DC, Boston, NYC), and then off to the Netherlands and Germany and Switzerland and the UK!



All show dates, info, tickets, rsvp's etc. at
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