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Yesterday, my 5 year old son was angry… REALLY angry and letting me know about it (loudly and repeatedly)

I am committed to conscious parenting… I help families with this and most days, providing empathy and allowing space for my children’s feelings has become quite natural.

BUT I am human, and yesterday was not one of those days.
I was in a rush. I was tired. I had things on my mind.

So, when my son was upset… It felt tough to:
-NOT try to fix his feelings
-NOT tell him he was wrong
-NOT yell
-Allow him the space to feel and express

While I was taking some space to breath and attempt to get centered and remain calm (because I KNOW I don’t want to react and fix, blame, shame, or yell) the coolest thing happened…

My 6 year old son came up to me, gave me a hug and said:
“I understand how you feel, it can be frustrating sometimes, huh mom?”


And with those words, as if by magic, I immediately took a deep breath and felt like I could think again. Never underestimate the power of feeling seen and heard!

THAT is why, even when it feels hard, I am committed to connection instead of control.

THEY get it...

A little empathy and space for my younger son and he felt better too. Then we could talk about why he was upset in the first place and how we could agree on a solution TOGETHER.

AND truthfully, allowing him to feel and express his anger until he was done, letting him know I GOT it, and accepting him for who he is – we were back going about our day faster and more peacefully then we ever would have been if I shut him down and yelled back.

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