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Successful strategic marketing / content marketing pro. Looking for my next amazing career opportunity.
Successful strategic marketing / content marketing pro. Looking for my next amazing career opportunity.

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I've surveyed thousands of 40+ consumers (GenX, baby boomers & beyond) to find out what they like/don't like about websites.

A growing number are growing louder in their hatred of ADS.

Making the case for and against web advertising, pop-ups and other "awful offers:"
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Traditional advertising meant marketers advertised or pushed out their messages again and again, until hopefully those messages were recalled and understood by prospects.

Modern consumers are overwhelmed by advertising. They’re turning channels off, tuning out those messages.

For those of you focused on the mature market -- Generation X, Baby Boomers and beyond -- here's an additional proof point regarding push-back.
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Putting (Older) Users First -- Is this a BIG IDEA?

I share my thoughts on the subject ... and some resources for those of you wanting to put users first in website development or online marketing ... in this LinkedIn article.
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Book launches next week (fingers crossed).
Microsite launched today!

#digitalmarketing #babyboomers #seniors
We're just a few days away from launching the latest e-book in our "Social, Silver Surfers" study of boomers' and seniors' digital marketing preferences. HOWEVER, insights and tools are already available online!

Check out the new microsite - You'll find:
* 3 interactive tools to help you assess how your digital marketing aligns with the needs/wants of your 40+ targets
* related white papers & preview articles
* charts that you can use in your own marketing plans & content

Marketing directors will appreciate the tools which score marketing efforts -- are they "making the grade" in the eyes of your mature targets? We've created specific tools for assessing social marketing, websites, and digital specific to mature movers.

Please click below and visit today to take advantage of these resources!
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Getting very excited because we will be releasing the latest edition of "Social, Silver Surfers" on Amazon and ibooks in a few weeks!

The book will feature dozens of data-driven recommendations for better digital marketing to older adults. Plus great stories, charts and more to give you insights that will improve ROI.

Find out more about this unique longitudinal study at
What 20 studies say about the best time to post on social media, per MarketingProfs:

What Creating Results' "Social, Silver Surfers" study shows are the best platforms to reach baby boomers and seniors:
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Always love it when our Director of Creative Services contributes to our blog ...
NEW to our blog! Flat Design & Skeumorphism

Creating Results' +Michael Stakem writes about two web design “Trends” which are relevant to older adults online. Click through to read, then add your own opinion!
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Several Creating Results team members have been sharing insights gathered at this year's conference on our blog. I hope you'll click through to a post of interest and share YOUR thoughts, as well!

Today's post by Amanda Combs suggests some marketing implications related to James Orlikoff's session on rising consumerism in healthcare:

Last week, Beth Mickey riffed on Jake Wood's ideas on team building ( and Patrick McShane suggested a sales/marketing team exercise inspired by Isaac Lidsky (

Also in the series, why a digital marketing expert includes a very non-digital marketing tactic in client plans ( and what an Acts Retirement Life program teaches us about storytelling and organizational strength (

Looking forward to hearing your INsights on these OUTtakes!
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NEW blog post from one of our newer team members!
Creating Results' Patrick McShane kicks off a series of INsights from the recent +LeadingAge Pennsylvania conference with this post on a creative initiative at +ACTS Retirement-Life Communities.

Click below to get "the rest of the story" and learn how Acts improved the connection between corporate team members and the senior living residents they serve.
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Four Fast Facts for Marketing to Baby Boomers and Seniors, this Fourth of July
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So very excited about this official recognition of our dynamic leader, Kimberly Hulett!

Creating Results is a very forward-thinking group, and I feel the selection of Kimberly is an example of the agency's approach. Long-term planning led to identifying a true expert, a person whose skills and attitude will help us continue to delight our clients. And our incredible Founders, +Todd Harff and Judy Harff, continue to contribute their expertise in an advisory role.

Want to learn more about what Kimberly and Creating Results can do for your organization? DM, call, reach out ...
Kimberly Hulett Promoted to President of Creating Results Strategic Marketing

Woodbridge, VA – [April 21, 2017]. Kimberly Hulett has been promoted to President of Creating Results, a full-service marketing consultancy with offices in the Mid-Atlantic and New England. In addition to her new role as president, Hulett will be taking on an ownership role within the organization as part of a succession plan put in motion in 2015.

“Kimberly Hulett is an exceptional sales and marketing leader, and we are thrilled to have her step forward as President of Creating Results,” said Founder Todd Harff, whom Hulett will be succeeding in her new role. “Her mature marketing expertise, dedication to customer service and senior living insights ensure the agency is well-positioned to continue its mission of helping clients succeed now and into the future.”

Hulett’s promotion to president is the culmination of a period of significant growth for Creating Results. Founders Todd and Judy Harff have worked tirelessly for over two decades to build Creating Results into an internationally-respected mature marketing agency. They conducted a nationwide search for a strong, complementary leader and sought out Hulett, as they planned to transition into advisory roles within the company.

Todd Harff says the decision to bring in Hulett as executive vice president at the end of 2015 was a simple one. “Creating Results’ team was more frequently being sought out for complex senior living work. Kimberly has a strong record of positioning not-for-profit, faith-based, affinity and for profit communities for strategic growth and increasing occupancy,” he said. “She met all of our criteria and more, to lead Creating Results on a day-to-day basis and provide thought leadership that propels clients forward.”

Since joining the team as Executive Vice President, Hulett’s contributions to Creating Results and its clients have far exceeded what anyone could have imagined. While the announcement of her promotion is a recent development, the transition is one that the agency has been preparing for since Hulett first joined 16 months ago. In that time, Hulett has led by example and has been a figure that Creating Results team members have turned to for expertise.

“I am honored to have been entrusted with such a key role at Creating Results,” Hulett said. “It’s a privilege to work with a community of leaders as fanatically devoted as I am to providing our clients with strategic direction and helping them achieve their goals.”

For more information on Creating Results, call 888-205-8899 ext. 704, e-mail or visit
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