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20 years of experience of organic tea planting
20 years of experience of organic tea planting

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Tea appreciation

Drinking tea does not mean that you know how to appreciate the tea, but you could appreciate the tea in order to drink good tea, so as to reach the highest level of tea art.

Human’s appreciation skill is natural, but the strength of appreciation varies with the rise and fall of science and culture. Sensory organs are available to everyone, however the level of thinking ability depends on the appreciation of people.

When appreciation tea, from the current point of view, at first should consider the name of the tea, the second look at the shape and color of the tea leaves, and the aroma and taste of the third trial.

The birth of a tea name, due to the name of the place of origin, the name of its characteristics, the name of the historical allusion, or miss the ancestors of ancient things. Chinese tea, especially famous tea, all have very beautiful names. The wonderful and fascinating tea name shows the craftsmanship of the working people and the quality of the tea. Appreciating the name of the tea enables people to grow their knowledge. Appreciating the name of the tea can also make people remember the ancient world and look to the future.

The shape and color of tea leaves can infect human visual cells and produce rich associations. In the case of loose leave tea, there are flat, needle-shaped, curly-shaped, granular, round, powdery, spiral, etc.; for the compressed tea, there are cylindrical, round, bowl-shaped, square-shaped, long-square, bamboo-shaped, and so on.

Different shapes of tea leaves have the same color or different color. From the appearance of tea, there are white, yellow, black, green, dark, and so on. Therefore, some are called white tea, some are called black tea, some are called green tea, some are called dark tea, and so on.

After the tea was brewed, the shape changed and almost restored the natural of the tea raw material. The color of the tea soup is slowly spreading in the movement of the bud leaves. From shallow to deep, a wide variety of teas form a thousand colors: red, green, and yellow. The same kind of tea, due to the different grades, the place of production, the tea harvested season, processing methods, even the use of tea sets and water quality, will affect the color of tea liquor.

The taste of soup and the scent of tea are the essence of tea. The taste of tea soup depends mainly on the quality of tea. Appreciate the taste of tea soup, mainly relying on the tongue, so to appreciate the taste of tea, you should make full use of the tongue sensory organs, especially the most sensitive part of the tongue - the tip of the tongue, to enjoy the natural nature of tea.

Smell tea scent is the most difficult part of enjoying tea. It is difficult to get this kind of enjoyment without long time experience. Smell the dry tea first. All kinds of teas have different fragrances, such as sweet, caramel, and fresh fragrance. Then smell the hot tea soup, the sweet aroma, the chestnut flavour, fruity flavour, fragrant and so on come out after the tea is brewed. When it is cold, it smells other scent that covered by the fragrance. Different types of aroma can be smelled in different ways. The good tea is natural and pure, while the low-quality tea is smoked, grassy, and some are mixed with odor and disgusting. Correct application of the nose and throat can help people appreciate and identify the aroma of tea.
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This is the compressing process of puerh tea cake by Zuxiang Organic Tea Garden. The perfect combination of traditional processing way and modern technique.
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Tea Art
Tea has the effect of fitness, thirst quenching, healing, and enjoys of the taste, but also cultivates sentiment, so people call tea a healthy drink.

Tea is not only a drink, but also a special handicraft. A cup of tea in the hand, you can smell the taste, look at the color of liquor. Tea tastes and fun, it is not only a kind of material enjoyment, but also an elegant entertainment that enriches the taste of life and leads to physical and mental relaxation. Since tea is rich in art, the art of tea is also born.

Environment of tea tasting

"Tasting" is not only used for the evaluation of tea, but also for identifying the quality of tea. It can also be used for slow drinking, so that the spiritual world can be sublimated to a noble artistic realm.

The quality of the tea tasting environment is generally composed of buildings, gardens, furnishings, tea sets and other factors. The composition of these factors can form a good quality tea tasting environment.

Tasting tea at home, it’s difficult to choose buildings, but in a limited space, you can find a suitable location. Generally speaking, it is best to choose the sun-facing window, with a tea table, or sofa. Potted flowers are placed on the window sill, and vine plants are placed above. If there is no potted flower, it is very commensurate to put fresh flowers on the tea table. Flowers can coordinate the environment, because the flowers have beautiful colors, wonderful shapes, graceful postures and cute characters, so they can make people pleasing, and the flowers are full of fragrance, which makes people feel relaxed and happy. The green leaves can eliminate the fatigue of the nerves of the eyes and relax the central nervous system, making people relaxed and happy.

Tasting tea at home, tea sets vary from person to person. Drink tea by yourself, using ceramic tea sets. If you invite friends, for the elderly, purple sand tea sets can be used; for young people, glass tea sets or white porcelain tea sets can be used; for ladies, celadon or even thin porcelain tea sets can be used.

In short, tasting tea at home, needs to be quiet, fresh, comfortable, clean, and make full use of all favorable conditions, such as balconies, small gardens and even corners, etc. As long as they are properly arranged, the windows are clear and clean, and can also create a good quality tea tasting environment.

Public tea tasting places have different requirements due to their different styles. Public drinking places, buildings do not have to be too particular, bamboo buildings, tile houses, wooden houses, grass houses, etc. to do as the Romans do. Regardless of the building, it is required to have good lighting, so that the tea drinkers can feel bright and happy. The interior furnishings can be simple, table and chair, neat and clean. Big bowl of tea or pot tea, all must be clean and hygienic.

Tasting tea at home, or public tea room, with celebrity calligraphy and painting, can also increase the ancient Athens style or modern atmosphere.
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This is the shaping process of Sliver Needle - Organic Green tea by Zuxiang Tea Garden. The perfect combination of traditional processing way and modern technique.

#tea #organictea #ecocert  #brewtea #steeptea #chinesetea #gongfucha #looseleaftea #teatime #tealover #euorganic #usdaorganic #teawholesale #wholesaletea #teacake #greentea #whitetea #blacktea #puerh #teaoftheday #teaaddict #teaenthusiast #teaexpert #teashop #teafarm #teagarden #sliverneedletea #teaprocessing #luxurytea #yunnantea

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Tea drinking customs - Hui people guanguan tea

The Hui people mainly live in the northwest of China. Because it is located on the plateau, the climate is cold, lack supply of vegetables, and dairy products are one of the main foods in the area. The large amount of polyphenols present in tea helps to remove greasy and help digestion, so as to facilitate the absorption of dairy products. Therefore, in history, tea has always been an indispensable means of subsistence for the local people. As for the method of drinking tea, it is more diverse. Generally speaking, in the city, people used to drink pure tea; in the pastoral area, people used to cooking milk tea. Among the many tea drinking methods in the vast agricultural and pastoral areas, the most peculiar thing is to drink guanguan tea.

Guanguan tea are usually made from medium or low-grade green tea, and boiled with water. The tea set for boiling tea is superficial and rough on the surface. The pot for tea brewing is less than 10 cm high and less than 5 cm in diameter. The abdomen is slightly larger and the diameter is no more than 7 cm. As for the texture of the pot, it is made from earthenware. Paired with this is the tea cup for tea, which is a thick porcelain cup. From the point of view of modern science, tea is brewed in a metal pot. During the heating process, the metal substance will oxidize with the polyphenols, the main constituent of the taste of the tea, thereby producing another new kind of substance, because the earthenware has good permeability and fast heat dissipation, it is not easy to make the tea soup produce odor. Therefore, using earthenware tea set to brew tea and tea is naturally beneficial to preserve the fragrance, preserve the color and preserve the taste.

The method of making guanguan tea is relatively simple. When making tea, first put half pot of water in the pot, then place the pot on a small stove that is lit. Once the water in the pot is boiling, put 5-8 grams of tea to make the tea soup is fully leached, after 2 to 3 minutes, add water to the pot to 80% full, until the tea boils again.

At this time, you can pour the tea soup into the cup. Because the amount of tea used in pot is large and it is made by boiling, the tea is very thick, and people who are not used to drinking guanguan tea are often think bitter and astringency. Usually, before going to work in the morning and after work in the afternoon, they have to drink a few cups of tea. In fact, the formation of this habit of drinking guanguan tea is related to the local human geography and living environment.
#tea #organictea #ecocert #gunpowder #brewtea #steeptea #chinesetea #cha #gongfucha #looseleaftea #teatime #tealover #euorganic #usdaorganic #teawholesale #wholesaletea #teacake #greentea #whitetea #blacktea #biluochun #puerh #teaoftheday #teaaddict #teaenthusiast #teaexpert #teashop #teafarm #teagarden #milktea
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Tea drinking customs - Tujia people ground tea

The Tujia people mainly live in the Wuling Mountain area at the junction of Hunan, Hubei, Sichuan and Guizhou. It is one of the tourist attractions of China. Because the local ecological environment is suitable for growing tea trees, it has always been an important place for many famous teas in China. They have been passed down from generation to generation, and still have an ancient method of making tea. This is drinking ground tea.

Ground Tea, also known as three raw food soup. The origin of this name is because the tea is made from three raw materials, such as raw fresh tea leaves , raw ginger and raw rice, it is named after it.

When making ground tea, generally, the raw tea leaves, ginger, and raw rice are poured into the glutinous rice stalks in a certain proportion according to the taste of each person, and the stalks are vigorously smashed until the three raw materials are mixed into a paste. Put it in the pot again, add water and boil, it will become ground tea.

People usually go home after work at noon, and always drink a few bowls of ground tea before eating; the Tujia people regard it as a "dessert" for entertaining relatives and friends. However, because everyone has different hobbies, there are sugar or salt in the tea, and even peanuts, sesame seeds, popcorn, and etc.

Nowadays, with the improvement of people's living standards, the production and selection of ground tea is more particular. On many occasions, drinking ground tea is accompanied by many delicious snacks. The processing of ground tea has also been improved. Usually, golden sesame seeds are fried, and the peanuts are fried, stir with jasmine tea, then add sugar, mix well and mash, then pour into boiling water to prepare tea.
#tea #organictea #ecocert #gunpowder #brewtea #steeptea #chinesetea #cha #gongfucha #looseleaftea #teatime #tealover #euorganic #usdaorganic #teawholesale #wholesaletea #teacake #greentea #whitetea #blacktea #biluochun #puerh #teaoftheday #teaaddict #teaenthusiast #teaexpert #teashop #teafarm #teagarden #milktea
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Tea drinking customs - Bai people, three cups of tea

The Bai people live in the southwestern part of China, but they are mainly distributed in the Dali Bai Autonomous Prefecture of Yunnan Province. The three cup of teas are the Bai people who are warm and hospitable in Dali celebrate the festival, the birthday, and the wedding. The uniqueness of three cup of tea is “the 1st is bitterness, the 2nd is sweetness and the 3rd is aftertastes”.

First cup, bitter tea
First put the tea in a clay pot, shake it while roasting until the tea leaves are yellowish and give off a clear scent, then pour into the boiling water, and the sound is buzzing in the tea pot. When the water foam is dispersed, a little bitter and fragrant concentrated tea soup is left in the pot. It is a metaphor for all things in life to suffer first.

Second cup, sweet tea
Put the walnut kernels and the roasted milk fan (fan food made of milk) and brown sugar into the cup, then pour into the hot tea to dedicate the guests. The second cup of tea is sweet and fragrant and has a milky aroma. It is very tasty and has a rich nutritional value.

Third cup, aftertaste tea
First put the honey, pepper, ginger, cinnamon and other proportions into the fine porcelain cup, and then pour the hot tea in it. This tea is a combination of sweet, hot, spicy and tea scent. It has a special flavor and aftertaste.

When the owner treats three cup of teas, each tea is usually separated by 3-5 minutes. In addition, there are some peanut, pine nuts and candy on the table for guests to eat while waiting.

First bitter, then sweet, and finally get an endless aftertaste
In addition to the delicious taste, the Bai people three cups of tea has a taste of life. Therefore, it was deeply loved by the Bai people and developed into a complete tea culture etiquette.
#tea #organictea #ecocert #gunpowder #brewtea #steeptea #chinesetea #cha #gongfucha #looseleaftea #teatime #tealover #euorganic #usdaorganic #teawholesale #wholesaletea #teacake #greentea #whitetea #blacktea #biluochun #puerh #teaoftheday #teaaddict #teaenthusiast #teaexpert #teashop #teafarm #teagarden #milktea
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